How to Make a Trident in Minecraft

How to Make a Trident in Minecraft – One of weapons that exist in Minecraft world is a trident. Trident is a weapon that mainly utilized in underwater world.

It is a weapon that easy to regenerate. There is only one way to gain the trident, which is by killing the Drowned zombie, so, it is impossible if you want to create one. Let’s take a look on how to make a trident in minecraft.

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Trident in Minecraft

Further Explanation of a Trident

How to Make a Trident in Minecraft

To operate the trident, you can throw it as you shoot the arrows. Another way to use trident is by swinging it as you swing the sword.

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For the damage level it could cause, trident has a level of +9. The trident has a shape of stick-like thing. To boost its performance, a trident is also equipped by a thing called Enchantment.

How to Make a Trident in Minecraft: The Enchantments of a Trident

A trident is supported by four types of Enhancements. These Enhancements are especially made for trident only, so you cannot find the Enhancements in other types of weapons.

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Make a Trident in Minecraft

1. Enchantment of Loyalty: As the name suggests, a trident remains loyal to its owner, even after reaching the desired target.

2. Enchantment of Channeling: A trident tries to direct the lightning towards the entities that attacked by it.

3. Enchantment of Impaling: It basically allows trident to distribute the additional damage to fishes.

4. Enchantment of Riptide: Enables the trident to push the player forward if the player is being thrown in water.

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It is such a functional weapon although the process of gaining this weapon is quite hard but it’s totally worth it.

Hopefully, this article about how to make a trident in Minecraft informative enough for you, the Minecraft geeks.

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