How to Make a Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft

There is a lot of weapons that you can create in Minecraft. You can use the weapon for your attacking and defensive action inside the game to protect yourself.

Most of the weapons have different durability and attack damage. That is why, you need to choose which weapons that you need to have in your inventory.

Here is the tips for you to know about how to make a wooden pickaxe in Minecraft.

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms Make to Wooden Pickaxe

Prepare the Required Material

How to Make a Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft (1)Requirement Materials to Make Wooden Pickaxe

Even that the tools for defense or attacking property would be different, you need to choose for the best and simplest weapons. The use of a wooden pickaxe is the most popular weapons in Minecraft.

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Except it has a good durability, people said if it is quite easy to craft. For having a wooden pickaxe, you can prepare:

  • 3 Birch Wood Planks
  • 2 Stick
  • 3 Jungle Wood Planks
  • 3 Acacia Wood Planks
  • 3 Oak Wood Planks
  • 3 Spruce Wood Planks
  • 3 Dark Oak Wood Planks

How to Make a Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft Simplest Step

1. Crafting menu

Make a Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft

You can have everything that you need inside the game and start to crafting all of that required item. Since you need to prepare and find a place to craft something means that a crafting menu is important to use.

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It will have 3×3 crafting grid that can be used to craft something inside the game. You can have all of those required materials above and placed them inside the box.

2. Adding the items and crafting process

Inside of the crafting menu, you can have all of those required materials and put the all inside. However, the 3×3 crafting grid would not response and create a proper wooden pickaxe without the right way.

You need to make sure if you already add all of the materials with a good receipt. If you already have all the planks and material, you can follow this receipt for the best result.

Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft

Adding the materials or the wood planks and sticks in the right pattern must be important. It can help you to find a good result that you need to have.

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However, the steps will be 3 wood planks that you should add in the first row. Including to have 1 stick in the middle box for your second row.

The last row must have 1 stick which located in the middle of the box. With this receipt it must be easy and faster.

3. Move the item to your inventory

How to Make a Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft

Do not forget if you already done with all of the crafting process you cannot use the item directly. Once it done, you need to make sure if you already add the wooden pickaxe to your inventory.

Since the inventory is the only one place that you can find everything that you have and add the item to your game.

4. Attack damage

Most people who already done with the crafting process would like to know about the attack damage of their weapon.

However, a wooden pickaxe is special and would have +2 attack damage when you are using this weapon. Do not forget to follow all the steps and method above to create a wooden pickaxe.

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To answer the question about how to make a wooden pickaxe in Minecraft is easy if you already found all of the required materials.

Follow all of the receipt for your crafting grid for having a proper wooden pickaxe.

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