How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

There are numerous of items that you can build and own in Minecraft. The effort for collecting the items is also worth the result.

In this article, we are going to talk about creating one of the essential items, which is the beacon. The question now is how to make a beacon in Minecraft?

The Beacons Explained

In Minecraft, beacon is defined as producer of lights. It permits us to radiate rays of lights in the sky. Furthermore, beacon is also beneficial for locating its position by the help of its lights.

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Then, beacon is considered powerful as effects of potion. Finally, beacon has an ability to give effects to the status, such as Strength, Resistance, and Jump to the nearest players.

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Types of Beacon Structure

One pyramid layered of beacon. The layer of pyramid is formed by several iron blocks. Usually, the one pyramid layered beacon consists of 9 pieces of blocks.

For the materials, it doesn’t have to be from iron but from other materials as well, such as gold, emerald, and diamond.

After that, you ought to locate the beacon in the middle of the blocks. After that, you might choose the power for your beacon, like Haste and Speed.

Two pyramids layered beacon. The second type of beacon structure has a lot more required amount of blocks, which arranged from 5×5 blocks as the core and 3×3 blocks on the top of it.

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The system is similar to the one layered beacon. You place the beacon in the middle of the blocks and you choose the power that you want to give to the nearby playmates.

Supported Platforms

How to Make a Beacon Minecraft

Required materials to make a beacon

Make a Beacon Minecraft

In order to answer the question on how to make a beacon in Minecraft, you will need:

  • 5 pieces of glass
  • Obsidian (3 pieces)
  • Nether Star (1 star)

Now, Let’s Get Down To The Business!

Step 1: Go to the crafting menu. The crafting menu has a layout of 3×3 crafting grid.

Beacon in Minecraft

Step 2: Include the collected elements of the beacon to the grids. Please ensure that the amount of elements are exactly the same with the recommended amounts that have been stated in the previous part, so you will have 3 pieces of obsidian, one Nether star, and 5 pieces of glass.

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Step 3: Place the required elements accordingly to the pattern. The first row of the grid must be filled with 3 pieces of glass.

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Then, place the two other glasses and the Nether star in the second row of grid. As a suggestion, you must put the Nether star in the middle of the second row.

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The last row is the place where you ought to include the three pieces of obsidian.

Step 4: Pass the new created beacon to the Inventory menu.

Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Voilaa! Now you have a beacon as your Inventory!

The steps on how to make a beacon in Minecraft are effortless. It’s one of numerous mechanical recipes that you can apply to enhance your world!