How to Make a Sword in Minecraft

In Minecraft, we are not only building our world, but also fighting and attacking the beings, such as mobs and zombies.

If we want to ifght with those zombies, we surely need weapons. The weapons that are useful for fighting them are sword, axe, snowballs, and arrows.

In this article, we will talk about a weapon called sword and the steps on how to make a sword in Minecraft

Why Sword is Considered Important?

Sword is one of various weapons that you can find in Minecraft. Sword is mainly used to fight against entities called mobs.

Furthermore, it is also beneficial for attacking the cobwebs. The Sword in Minecraft can be obtained through three things, creating, fixing, and grinding.

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The durability of each sword can be vary depends on the utilized materials. So, the question is that how to make a sword in Minecraft?

Where swords are made of?

Before jumping to the required steps in making a sword, we have to know the necessary materials. When we are about to craft a sword, we can consider numerous of materials.

Basically, any material is allowed for making our own sword. It depends on what kind of sword that we want to have.

The materials that can be utilized for our swords are woods, diamond sticks, and cobblestone.

Supported Platforms

Sword Minecraft

How to Make a Sword in Minecraft: The Necessary Elements for Wooden Sword

As mentioned above, there are various swords that come with different materials. In this article, we will specifically talk about the steps for creating wooden-based sword.

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Make a Sword Minecraft How to Make a Sword Minecraft

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Before start making, we ought to gather the woods first. Every type of woods is compatible for our beloved sword. The woods that you can use include:

  • 2 platforms of jungle wood
  • Dark oak wood planks (2 pieces)
  • A stick
  • 2 pieces of acacia woods
  • 2 pieces of oak woods
  • Birch wood platforms (2 platforms)
  • 2 platforms of spruce woods

What Should We Do with These Wooden Elements?

1. Begin every steps of sword-crafting with the 3×3 grid of creation.

Sword in Minecraft

2. After you seeing the grids, start placing the woods accordingly to compose your sword.

3. Please carefully check the composition. To achieve the beautiful and functional sword, place the materials in the 2nd, 5th, and 8th grid.

How to Make a Sword in Minecraft

Furthermore, put the woods in the 2nd and 5th grid. Meanwhile, put the stick in the 8th grid. Lastly, you will see the result of your creation on the right side of the creation grid.

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4. The last step, bring the wooden sword to the menu of Inventory.

Make a Sword in Minecraft

5. Finally, your sword is ready for fighting with mobs and cobwebs!

Now, you have a sword in your inventory. You are able to fight the obstacles that occur in your own Minecraft world.

Remember to use it wisely although the level of rarity is quite common in Minecraft. Also, don’t forget to pay the attention to the durability to prolong the usage time even though the sword itself is renewable.