How to Make a Minecraft Server with Hamachi

How to Make a Minecraft Server with Hamachi – Hamachi or preferably called “LogMeIn Hamachi” is a VPN application which created in 2004 by Alex Pankratov. And did you know can actually make money online with Minecraft? One of Hamachi’s functions is to create servers on Minecraft.

The servers on Minecraft can be established using Hamachi LAN feature. Keep reading this article to get knowledge on how to make a minecraft server with Hamachi.

The compulsory materials for building a minecraft server with Hamachi:

In order to complete the task on how to make a minecraft game server with Hamachi, please kindly settle these materials:

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1. Of course, the LogMeIn Hamachi app (

2. Definitely, you’re gonna need a Minecraft app

Process of setting up the problem on how to make a Minecraft server with Hamachi:

1. First of all, open your LogMeIn Hamachi and Minecraft app.

2. Secondly, there is a form that will show up after you open your Hamachi app. Fill the space with your network’s nickname and your preferable password. Then, click the Create button.

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3. Thirdly, create an access that allows you to approve the new Minecraft members manually.

4. Then, open your previously created server, then, choose “Open to LAN” button.

5. After that, choose the button of “Allow cheats

6. Turn on the cheat by clicking the “Allow cheats” button.

7. And…done! Now, you have the private Minecraft server.

Operating the Minecraft server (For the Host):

a. The first step: Open your Minecraft app, preferably the single player version.

b. The second step: Click the “Escape” button and then choose the “Open to LAN” button.

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c. The third step: Prepare the options.

d. The fourth step: Open the LAN Network.

e. The fifth step: You will have a port number that contains 5 digits of numbers. These numbers exist on the window of chat on the other players’ side.

Please transmit the port number to other Minecraft players.

This Minecraft server can be used by 5 players at max.