How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft – Having a horse in Minecraft is not something impossible. You can also try to breed your horse and get a new baby. Many people still do not know how to breed horses in Minecraft.

You can follow all the step down below to make sure if you will be able to breed horses. There will be a requirement that you have to do if you want to breed a horse. Including the step that you can do for your successful breed.

Material Requirement to Breed Horses

Requirement Materials to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Every horse that you find and have must be able to bring a new baby horse to you. The first requirement is to search for 2 golden apples and gave it to your horse.

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After that you can give them with 2 enchanted golden apples and two golden carrots. However, since you are going to breed a horse means that you will need 2 horses to let this thing happen.

Step about How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

1. Find two horses

Step How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Making sure if the breed process is successful are really important. You need to try to find two horses that is possible to breed.

Breed Horses Minecraft

Try to tamed both of the horses until you finally can control them. However, if you are looking for a horse you can try to go to the Plains Biome where you can have a horse as you want.

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Step about How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Most people who have problem to find horse would try to cheat or use their spawn egg and summon a horse. Since you need to make sure if the horse would be able to close together means you need to use fence.

2. try to tame a horse

Common problem which appear is because you are trying to breed a wild horse. You need to make sure if both of the horse would be able to stay together.

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Means that you need to tame them one by one and treat them to trust you until they can breed properly. If both of them are not being tamed you will not be able to bring them together.

3. Giving them a food

Once you trying to find an answer about how to breed horses in Minecraft you need to prepare for their food.

Horses in Minecraft

Make sure if you already know which food that is the best for your horse until they finally can breed. You can try to give your horses with golden apples, golden carrots and enchanted golden apples for a successful process.

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There will be different control to your game depend on your Minecraft version.

Breed Horses in Minecraft

A red heart will start appear over the horse heads means that they are in love. You need to wait a moment until finally the baby horse would appear.

Most people would wait until 5 minutes before the horse can breed again for a second or another time.

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How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

The best way to breed horses in Minecraft is to giving your horse the required food. To make sure if they can be able to bring better child and find another horse in the plains biome.

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After you tamed the horse and fed them with their food, you only need 5 minutes until finally the baby is coming.

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