Minimalist Zebra Cameo 2 Driver for Busy Business

Zebra is a company that offers various series of receipt printers. One of the printer series provided by Zebra is the Cameo series. And one of the members of that series is Zebra Cameo 2 Driver. Cameo 2 is a lightweight printer that is designed for businesses on the go.

Cameo printers by Zebra are mobile printers that will help you print receipts more efficiently and quickly. This printer is light in weight and versatile. Also, Cameo 2 has a sleek design and durable structure that makes it enough to use and carry anywhere. What features does this printer have?

Features of Zebra Cameo 2 Driver

Cameo 2 is a special printer since it has a lot of awesome features for a receipt printer. This amazing mobile printer has a small size that allows you to carry it anywhere around your customer. When they need to pay, the receipt will be ready in a few seconds. This printer also has these features:

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1. High flexibility to serve your customers faster

You can carry this mobile printer Cameo 2 by clipping it to your belt. Then you can serve anyone, anywhere, more easily. This printer is even a perfect option for those who work in the restaurant. When a customer needs to pay, the waiter can use this mobile printer for faster payment.

The design of this mobile printer is super sleek and minimalist. It has magnetic card readers as well as smart card readers to ease the transaction.

2. Support wireless communications

Cameo 2 is able to communicate wirelessly with other devices. It is because the Zebra Cameo 2 Driver allows you to use the ZPR or Zebra Portable Radio and wireless handheld terminal. Wireless LAN and Bluetooth options are also available.

You can connect Cameo 2 with any device like a tablet, smartphone, or even PC to start printing the receipt for your customers.

3. Long-lasting printer for your business

If you are looking for a long-lasting mobile printer, you’ll love this Cameo 2 by Zebra. Cameo 2 comes with a battery that has high performance and long-lasting power. The power of the battery can last over 8 hours on every single charge.

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You can use this printer all day long without charging it during operational hours. This incredible printer is what you really need for your business.

Zebra Cameo 2 Driver Specifications

Check out the complete specs of the Cameo 2 printer from the details below in order to see whether this is the right choice for your business or not.

Maximum Print Area Length 280 mm or 11” with standard memory

Width 48.3 mm or 1.9”

Resolution 203 dpi with 8 dots per mm
Maximum Print Speed 79.2 mm or 3” per second
Memory 1 MB Flash memory

356 K SRAM

Physical Characteristics Weight 1 lbs (0.45 kg)

Depth 2.6” (66 mm)

Height 6.6” (167.6 mm)

Width 3.7” (94 mm)

Media Specifications Receipt media width 1” to 2.1” (25.4 mm to 53.3 mm)
Construction Texin polyurethane/polycarbonate blended plastic construction that is high impact.
Electrical Input Serial port for 8 pins RS232 connector

Shock-mounted internal components

1.6 Ah NiMH

Communication Interface Capabilities Serial port for RS232 connector

Error detection CRC protocol

XOFF/XON software

DSR/DTR hardware

Graphic Features Supports user-defined graphics and fonts, including custom logos
Accessories and Options Bluetooth connectivity

Belt clip, shoulder strap, soft case

Wireless I/R communication

ZPR or Zebra Portable Radio for wireless handheld devices

Wireless LAN communication

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If your business is targeting customers who will also pay using credit cards, you will love this Zebra Cameo 2 Driver printer that allows transactions with a smart card reader and magnetic card reader. Its minimalist design makes it easy to carry it anywhere.

Cameo 2 printer is one of the Cameo series by Zebra. This is a mobile receipt printer with a super minimalist design and small size. Learn about the specs and features of Cameo 2 before purchasing one.