Lightweight Zebra Cameo 2SC Driver to Print Receipts Easily

Zebra released many collections of printers. If you are looking for the best receipt printers, this company offers the Cameo printer series. One of its members is Zebra Cameo 2SC Driver, the brother of Cameo 2 and Cameo 2 Plus. What makes this small printer more special?

Cameo printers are special printers you need to consider when you are looking for the right receipt printers. These printers are going to ease your job in helping customers who are ready to make the payment. Customers don’t have to wait for a long time just to pay their bills.

Features of Zebra Cameo 2SC Driver

The cameo printer series by Zebra carries various features. Learning about the features of a printer you desire will help you see whether the printer is the right choice for the business you have or if you need to get a better option. About the Cameo 2SC printer, here are some features it owns.

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1. Faster credit card transactions

There is no need to bring the credit cards of your customers to the cashier and make them wait after your customers are done eating in your restaurant. Bring the printer on your belt and allow your customers to make the payment right on their table.

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There are accessories you can get to complete your small printer like a belt clip. These accessories allow you to carry the minimalist printer much more easily.

2. Lightweight printer

Due to its small size and the materials used to build the printer, Zebra Cameo 2SC Driver has very lightweight. The lightweight won’t bother you when you carry the printer while moving around the restaurant or your business area.

Moving around the customers and helping them make faster payments will be much more efficient and better than ever. When you clip the printer on your belt, the printer won’t take your belt down, thanks to the lightweight.

Zebra Cameo 2SC Driver Specifications

However, how do you know if this Cameo 2SC is the right printer for the business you run? Understanding the features of the printer is not enough. You also need to look for the details about Cameo 2SC specifications. Here are the specs you need to know before you get the printer.

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Maximum Print Area Width 48.3 mm or 1.9”

Length 280 mm or 11” with standard memory

Resolution 203 dpi with 8 dots per mm