Metal Enclosed Zebra 2746 Driver Printer for Businesses

Zebra has various printers for businesses. One of them is Zebra 2746 which is a printer to print barcode labels. This product comes with Zebra 2746 Driver that you need to use in order to use the printer properly. This printer is a perfect option for distribution and manufacturing businesses.

The question is: is this printer the right one for your business? It is crucial to learn about the complete features carried by this printer and the specifications of the printer and the driver so you can compare this product with the others to find the right printer for your business.

Features of Zebra 2746 Driver

Zebra 2746 is an excellent printer for distribution and warehousing, manufacturing, general office environment, and air freight. This printer is able to print full roll batches or individual labels. Zebra 2746 handily meets the needs of small businesses to medium businesses. The feature it carries include:

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1. Metal material that is durable

The latest generation of Zebra 2746 represents the basic and affordable barcode print solution for light industrial companies. This is a sturdy, on-demand, and steel-enclosed printer. The printer’s improved ribbon spindle and revamped electronics improve the quality and reliability of the printer.

This barcode printer by Zebra is an excellent option that will help so many businesses, whether small-sized or medium-sized businesses, especially in some important sectors, such as receiving and shipping, asset tracking, inventory control, and bulk mailing.

2. More capabilities with enhanced connectivity

Zebra 2746 has external and internal ethernet, parallel, serial, and USB interfaces that are designed to ease the system integration. The dual processors will deliver a fast throughput for greater productivity and the increased memory will handle the labels that are more complex.

It allows the firmware to upgrade more easily. The design that is easy to use includes the standard peel and rewind and also the new media and maintenance tracking features that will ensure reliable performance, like the printhead reminder control and life odometer, as well as a clear media window.

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Zebra 2746 Driver Specifications

The metal frame of Zebra 2746 is durable and easy to use. It is a perfect starter printer for businesses that are new to barcoding. However, before purchasing this printer and its driver, you need to check the specs of the product to be sure whether this is the right option for you.

Maximum Print Area Width 104 mm or 4.09”

Length 558 mm or 22”

Resolution 203 dpi with 8 dots per mm
Maximum Print Speed 152 mm or 6” per second
Memory Standard 1 MB Flash


Physical Characteristics Width 241 mm (9.5”)

Height 314 mm (12.38”)

Depth 425 mm (16.75”)

Weight 13 kg (28.6 lbs)

Media Specifications Liner and label thickness 0.0762 mm to 0.25 mm (0.003” to 0.010”)
Construction Steel enclosure
Electrical Input 120 VAC: 60 Hz

240 VAC: 50 Hz

Communication Interface Capabilities USB Version 1.1

Parallel Centronics

Ethernet/LAN requires optional Zebranet Print Server II

Graphic Features PCX graphic storage

Line and box drawing

Accessories and Options Real-time clock

Asian language support

KDU (Keyboard Display Unit)

Windows label design software

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By understanding the complete specifications of the Zebra 2746 Driver and the standard features carried by this printer and driver, you’ll be able to compare this barcode printer with the other printers that have the same function. Then you can decide which printer is the best one for your business.

Barcode printers are available in so many options. Choosing randomly is not the right way to find the best one that matches the needs of your business. Check out the features and specs of Zebra 2746 before you make the final decision about the right barcode printer for the business you run.