Zebra 110PAX4 Driver: The Best Driver in This Era

You need to be careful when you want to get the best printer driver. What’s more, lately there are many choices of drivers on the market but don’t know what the quality is like. As the best recommendation, you should choose the Zebra 110PAX4 driver. This is the best driver option that is able to meet the need for the best document printing. You can print a large number of documents with good results and without a hitch. This will greatly benefit you. Especially for office workers in big cities like you.

Features of Zebra 110PAX Driver

This driver is known as the best reliable driver for various kinds of document printing needs. This is of course because this driver has a variety of very sophisticated features. You will be very helpful with this driver.

1. Status Monitoring

Who doesn’t want to quickly print documents? Of course, you want to do that too, right? For that, you should just use this printer driver now. Because this driver is equipped with a truly reliable status monitoring feature.

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This is a very good feature to prevent ink shortage during the document printing process. In addition, through this feature, you can also monitor the progress of the document properly and in real-time. Of course, you will find it helpful with this latest feature.

2. Stock Paper

Another best feature of this driver is stock paper support. Thus, you can print various types of documents on different types of paper. It’s amazing, isn’t it? This will really help you to make your document printing job easier.

Basically, the need for printing documents is certainly different. Everything according to need. For example, print office documents, education, organization, and so on. Therefore, this feature is really very helpful. You will greatly benefit from this feature.

3. Font Download

The next best feature that can help you print documents quickly is the font download feature. This feature really allows you to be able to print documents practically and efficiently. Even including for needs in large quantities.

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This technology will need the document quickly and precisely so that it directly forwards the information to the output device. Then, the document you want will be printed properly and as needed. This driver is a good option for you.

Zebra 110PAX Driver Specifications

This is an advanced driver that can meet your document printing needs. This is inseparable from the completeness of the specifications of this driver unit. Of course, you will be amazed. We are very sure about it. Some of them:

Specifications Driver 203 Dpi Driver 300 Dpi
Resolution 8 dots per mm 12 dots per mm
Memory 10 MB DRAM

2 MB flash


2 MB flash

Print Speed 12” 305 mm/sec 8” 203 mm/sec
Print Methods Thermal transfer or direct thermal Direct thermal and also thermal transfer
Media Sensors Transmissive and reflective Reflective and also transmissive
Construction Industrial all metal Industrial all metal
Orientation Right and left hand Left and right hand
Multilingual Backlit LCD Backlit LCD and other
Support Zebralink solutions Of course Zebralink solution
Level Multilevel element for superior print quality. Multilevel element for best print quality.
Operating System Windows 95/98, NT4.0, 2000, and XP Windows 95/98, XP, NT.0 and 2000
Timing Real-time Of course real-time
Storage Temperature -40 – 160o F -45 – 165o F
Operating Relative Humidity 20 – 95 % 30 – 95 %
Operating Temperature 0 – 40o C 0 – 45o C
Support Paper Width 104 mm 104 mm
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Zebra 110PAX4 Driver is the best solution for your print activity. You will get the best benefits because this driver is equipped with a choice of qualified features and specifications. So, why are you still thinking about other drivers?