Label and Receipt Zebra Cameo 2 Plus Driver Printer

Cameo is the name of the Zebra printer series that is designed for businesses on the go. This series comes in various versions. One of them is the Zebra Cameo 2 Plus Driver printer. Cameo 2 Plus has a small size and simple design that allows you to carry it everywhere more comfortably.

This small mobile printer is a low-cost option to print labels and receipts. Cameo 2 Plus adapts to various applications. You can print on black-colored bar label media, receipt paper, and linerless media. This printer is what you really need for shelf labeling, receipt printing, price marking, and bin labeling.

Features of Zebra Cameo 2 Plus Driver

When you’re looking for the right printer for businesses, you’ll want to know what features are carried by the printer. Learning about the features owned by a printer will help you figure out whether the printer is the right choice or if you need to find another one. Cameo 2 Plus features include:

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1. Supports various communication options

Businesses need printers that are practical, which means the printers they use need to have various communication options so the users can connect the printers to any device that is used for business. Fortunately, Cameo 2 Plus allows you to connect it via wireless I/R communication.

Wireless short-range communication is also supported by this mobile label and receipt printer. This printer is probably the one you need the most.

2. Simpler printer for happier customers

The simple design of this Zebra Cameo 2 Plus Driver printer allows you to make your customers happier since they don’t have to wait in long lines to pay the bills. Cameo 2 Plus is the best option for fast-food restaurants and retail stores.

Zebra Cameo 2 Plus Driver Specifications

Cameo 2 Plus is not the only member of the Zebra Cameo printer series. Some other small printers you can consider are Cameo 2 and Cameo 2SC. To know whether Cameo 2 Plus is the right one for you, check out the specifications of the printer from the details below.

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Maximum Print Area Width 48.3 mm or 1.9”

Length 280 mm or 11” with standard memory

Resolution 203 dpi with 8 dots per mm
Maximum Print Speed 79.2 mm or 3” per second
Memory 1 MB Flash memory

256 K SRAM

Physical Characteristics Weight 1 lbs (0.45 kg) including the battery

Height 6.6” (167.6 mm)

Depth 2.6” (66 mm)

Width 3.7” (94 mm)

Media Specifications Receipt media width 1” to 2.1” (26 mm to 53.3 mm)
Construction Texin polyurethane/polycarbonate blended plastic construction that is high impact.
Electrical Input 1.6 Ah NiMH

Shock-mounted internal components

Serial port for 8 pins RS232 connector

Communication Interface Capabilities Serial port for RS232 connector

DSR/DTR hardware

Error detection CRC protocol

XOFF/XON software

Graphic Features Supports user-defined graphics and fonts, including custom logos

25 types, scalable, downloadable fonts

Accessories and Options Belt clip, shoulder strap, soft case

UCN74 Quad Battery chargers

UCN72 Fast Battery chargers

Environmental case to increase the protection for the printer from any harsh environments

Wireless I/R communication

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Compare this Cameo 2 Plus printer to the other members of the Cameo printer series. This will help you figure out which printer is the right one for the business you run. The features of each printer may look similar but there are differences between them.

Before getting Zebra Cameo 2 Plus Driver printer, you must check the specs and features of this printer. You need to know whether the printer is the best option for the style of your business. If you need a small and practical printer, you probably will love this incredible printer so much.