Industrial Label Driver Zebra 140Xi4 Driver

If you want your document printing needs to be easier, then you should use a reliable printer driver. One of the recommendations is the Zebra 140Xi4 driver. This is a driver that has many complete features and specifications.

Therefore, this driver can be the best solution for printing your documents at the office. For example, you want to print labels, barcodes, business cards, or regular office documents. All of them can be solved very easily using this driver.

Features of Zebra 140Xi4 Driver

Basically, every driver is equipped with various mainstay features. Including this driver, which can answer various questions about printing documents. You will find it very helpful if you use this driver. Some of the features are:

1. Flexible Connectivity

With this feature, you can make it even easier to print documents. This feature is definitely needed for printing your office documents, namely simultaneous parallel or ethernet. It seems that this is a standard feature that this driver must have so that users can do their job well.

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2. Document Printing Status Monitor

To make it easier for you to see the print status of the document, then you can rely on this feature. This advanced feature can let you know how the progress of your document printing is and see the remaining ink in the printer. So, why are you afraid of running out of ink?

3. Various Printing Paper Support

To print documents that are practical and uncomplicated, you can really rely on this driver, because it’s equipped with support for printing documents on various types of paper. If you want to print labels, barcodes, or other documents then it can be easy to use this driver.

4. User-Friendly Display

The display driver is also very easy to understand. So, you don’t have to worry about having issues. Especially in the case of new users, they can still read the information on the display very easily. So, this will make it faster to do the document printing process.

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5. Print Speed Increase

Another feature that is no less interesting is the print speed increase. This driver features an increased document print speed of up to 14”/356 mm per second for increased batch and print productivity. This makes this driver very reliable.

Specifications of Zebra 140Xi4 Driver

Popular as a mainstay driver, this driver is highly recommended for you to use. Of course, this is because this driver already has a variety of good and sophisticated specifications. These specifications are really able to support the performance of this driver optimally.

1. Reliable Programming Language

With a reliable programming language, the driver system is better able to read commands. Within seconds after receiving the command, the driver will process it quickly. The programming languages used by this driver are ZPL and ZPL II.

2. Sufficient RAM Capacity

The second is RAM. This RAM driver is 16 MB SDRAM with 8 MB non-volatile flash memory. So, you can reach this driver very easily. No need to worry about the RAM problem that this driver has. Really very reliable for your work.

3. Best Print Method

Then, the best print method. With the support of the best print method, it will be very easy for you to print documents. Support for this print method, namely thermal transfer and direct thermal. This sophistication will greatly facilitate you.

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4. Best Print Server

This driver is also equipped with the best print server support. This is the obligation of the developer in order to optimize the driver. The best print server in this driver is the internal ZebraNet 10/100 print server. This is really good for your print activity.

5. Construction

The specifications of this driver can really help you a lot. One of them is construction. The construction of this driver is a 12 gauge steel frame. Of course, the various specifications that complement this driver greatly support the performance of drivers for industrial label printers.

Zebra 140Xi4 Driver is the best driver choice for your needs. Especially for those of you who need it for printing office documents. This is the best industrial label printer today that is very reliable. So, when are you going to install it?