A Zebra 90XiIII Plus Printer with Unique Settings and Features

Zebra designed the 90XiIII Plus printer with revolutionary features. This might be the right printer for your business. To figure it out, you need to learn about the complete features of this printer and the specifications of Zebra 90XiIII Plus.

The 90XiIII Plus printer is a member of the XiIII Plus series. It has the new 32-bit processor that is designed for faster throughput as well as faster processing speeds. The memory of this printer is also increased to 16 MB SDRAM memory to print the longer label formats.

Features of Zebra 90XiIII Plus

The 90XiIII Plus printer comes with extraordinary features. Those features are designed to ease many businesses. The 90XiIII Plus shares the same features as the other members of the XiIII Plus series but has different specifications. Below are some features carried by the Zebra 90XiIII Plus printer.

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1. Unique settings for the printer

The new 90XiIII Plus printer has unique darkness settings. There are up to 200 unique settings you can find and use for printing on various synthetic materials. If you are not using white paper to print the barcode, these unique settings will be very helpful.

The unique settings are easy to use. You can always adjust the setting to match the type of paper you are going to use to print the barcode.

2. Using ZPL II

Zebra 90XiIII Plus printer comes with Zebra Programming Languages II. This is a universal language you can find on all Zebra printers. The programming language will simplify the label formatting. It will also enable format compatibility with the other printers from Zebra.

3. Completed with ZBI

ZBI is Zebra Basic Interpreter, it is another programming language that will work properly along with the ZPL II above. This programming language is going to control and interpret the incoming data and text from the peripherals and the non-ZPL programming language.

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Zebra Basic Interpreter will help transmit the captured data over the TCP or IP messaging, wireless networks like email, WAN, or LAN.

Zebra 90XiIII Plus Specifications

The Zebra XiIII Plus series includes several printers like the 90XiIII Plus, 96XiIII Plus, 140XiIII Plus, 170XiIII Plus, and 220XiIII Plus. Though they share some similar features, each printer type comes with different specifications. Below are the special specs of the Zebra 90XiIII Plus printer.

Maximum Print Area Length 991 mm or 39” with standard memory

Width 86 mm or 3.4”

Resolution 300 dpi with 12 dots per mm
Maximum Print Speed 203 mm or 8” per second
Memory 16 MB SDRAM

4 MB Flash memory, non-volatile

Physical Characteristics Weight 50 lbs (22.7 kg)

Depth 19.5” (495 mm)

Height 15.5” (393.7 mm)

Width 9.15” (232.4 mm)

Media Specifications Liner and label thickness 0.79” to 3.54” (20 mm to 90 mm)
Construction 12 gauge steel frame
Electrical Input Power factor correction 90-264 VAC: 48 Hz to 62 Hz

Universal power supply

Communication Interface Capabilities Parallel interface

USB 2.0 port (480M bits/second)

Optional Wireless Card Socket

Optional ZebraNet PrintServer II

Graphic Features Supports user-defined graphics and fonts, including custom logos
Accessories and Options PC cards

Label peel

Scalable and international fonts

Applicator interface


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Zebra 90XiIII Plus is the right printer for higher labeling levels. This printer is a better option than the Xis series offered by Zebra. The labeling solution is going to fulfill any needs. You can print small labels with 600 dpi resolution to wide labels up to 8.5 inches wide.

The 90XiIII Plus by Zebra is what you really need if you are looking for a unique printer with various settings and programming languages. This printer will ease you in printing on various media. But check out the specs and features of the printer before purchasing this printer.