3 Features and 2 Different Types of Zebra 220Xi4 Driver

Zebra offers various printer types you can use to print documents. A Zebra 220Xi4 Driver is needed so you can use the printer properly and print the documents you need. If you have no idea how to use the printer, you also need to get the user manual to operate the printer correctly.

Zebra 220Xi4 comes with various features. You will need to get the right driver so you can use all the standard features and the optional features of the printer. The driver for Zebra 220Xi4 must allow you to maximize the usage of the entire features in the printer.

Features of Zebra 220Xi4 Driver

The printer driver for Zebra 220Xi4, especially for the 203 dpi, supports various features. This driver must be installed on your computer before you start using the computer to print anything. Below are some features carried by the driver for Zebra 220Xi4 printer.

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1. Support paper stock

The driver for Zebra 220Xi4 printer allows you to use the printer with any program installed on your computer. As long as you get the right driver for your Zebra printer, you will be able to use barcode software to create label design, barcode printing, card printing, label printing, and RFID encoding.

2. Printer’s status monitoring

Printer drivers that have status monitoring will allow you to report the printer and print the job status to your Windows Spooler or the other Windows applications, such as the barcode software named BarTender. This feature may seem simple but is a useful feature.

3. Font download

Another feature of Zebra 220Xi4 Driver is the font download. Usually, the downloaded fonts will print faster since your printer can render the downloaded font directly. Otherwise, the downloaded font needs to be rasterized by Windows first so it can be output as bitmaps.

Zebra 220Xi4 Driver Specifications

Before downloading the driver for Zebra 220Xi4 printer, you need to check the specifications of the driver. There are two types of drivers and they come with different specifications. Those types are 230 dpi and 300 dpi. Below are the specs of both drivers.

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Specifications 220Xi4 203 Dpi 220Xi4 300 Dpi
Dpi Resolution 203 dpi resolution with 8 dots per mm. 300 dpi resolution with 11.8 dots per mm.
Dot Size (L × W) 0.125 mm × 0.125 mm

(0.0049” × 0.0049”)

0.84 mm × 0.84 mm

(0.0033” × 0.0033”)

Media Width (liner and label) 108 mm to 224 mm

(4.25” to 8.8”)

108 mm to 224 mm

(4.25” to 8.8”)

Maximum Print Width 1728 dots (216 mm or 8.5”). 2560 dots (216 mm or 8.5”).
Programmable Print Speed 10 ips, 9 ips, 8 ips, 7 ips, 6 ips, 5 ips, 4 ips, 3 ips, and 2.4 inches per second. 6 ips, 5 ips, 4 ips, 3 ips, and 2.4 inches per second.
Maximum media print length (continuous with 16 MB memory) 3810 mm or 150” 2540 mm or 100”
Maximum media print length (non-continuous with 16 MB memory) 991 mm or 39”. 991 mm or 39”.
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Each driver has a different specification. It is crucial to learn about the specifications of every single driver in order to find the right one for your printer. If you have a Zebra 220Xi4 industrial printer in the office, make sure you know which driver is needed then get the right driver for that printer.

Zebra 220Xi4 Driver comes in two different options. The first one has 203 dpi and another one has 300 dpi. Before getting the driver for your printer, you need to understand what you really need so you can find and use the right driver that will help you use the printer properly.