How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

In the actual world, we often heard the importance of recycling the waste to give the usability value of the waste itself.

One of recycling method that exists in society is by transforming food and plants into fertilizer. Apparently, this method is also exists in the world of Minecraft.

This article will cover the issue on how to make a composter in Minecraft.

Composter: Superpower Tool in Transforming the Nature

Composter can be reckoned as the essential tool for the farmers in Minecraft because it can compose the natural elements into an item that called Bonemeal.

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Later on, the Bonemeal can be employed for fertilizing plants and for dyeing purpose. The natural elements that can be composed into Bonemeal, such as plant seeds, vines, tall grasses, flowers, and foods like pumpkin breads and cookies.

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The natures of this composter are easy to regenerate and stackable. The final question is that are we ready to challenge ourselves on how to make a composter in Minecraft?

Supported Platforms

Requirement Material Composter in Minecraft

The Required Items to Compose the Composter

The main compositions of composter in Minecraft are woods and fences. Minecraft composter needs at least 12 items.

Composter Minecraft

Moreover, any kind of woods will do an exceptional job for your composter. Here are the items that you may gather to compose it:

Composter on Minecraft

  • 4 pieces of acacia fences 7. 3 slabs of spruce wood
  • 3 pieces of dark oak wood platforms 8. 4 pieces of oak fences
  • 3 platforms of Birch woods 9. 4 pieces of spruce fences
  • 3 slabs of jungle woods 10. Dark oak fences (4 platforms)
  • 3 Acacia wood platforms 11. Jungle fences (4 platforms)
  • 3 slabs of oak wood 12. 4 pieces of Birch fences
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The Moment to Utilize the Collaboration of Woods and Fences

In this moment, we will work our hearts on to ensure the collaboration of woods and fences runs effectively in the long run. Together, we will finish the challenge of how to make a composter in Minecraft.

Step 1: Ensure the preparation start by opening the 3×3 grid of creation.

How to Make a Composter Minecraft

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Step 2: Bring the prepared elements to the 3×3 creation grid. To make a solid composter, there is a recipe that you may try.

How to Make a Composter in Minecraft
Java Edition
Composter in Minecraft
Bedrock Edition and Education Edition

Place the woods in the last row of grid (7th, 8th, and 9th grid). Then, for the fences, locate the fences in the first and second row of grid.

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It’s preferable to locate the fences in the 1st, 4th, 3rd, and 6th grid. After arranging process, you can see the final result in the space of result.

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Step 3: Never ever ever forget to send your composter to the Inventory area!

Make a Composter in Minecraft

Finally, the composter is served and you’re ready to transform the fruits and veggies into life carrier for the plants in Minecraft!

In Minecraft, there is also a method of recycling waste into a more usable thing, which is composing the seeds and foods into a fertilizer for plants. This can be achieved by the help of composter in Minecraft.

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