How to Make an Armor Stand in Minecraft

The Minecraft world without enhancement can be such a lifeless world.

On the net, we can find some things that we can be utilized as the decoration in world of Minecraft, for example, dyed bed, enchantment table, and armor stand.

Besides the items, we can see the various recipes for building those items. In this occasion, we will exactly talk about how to make an armor stand in minecraft.

The Understanding of an Armor Stand

Armor stand is defined as a decorative yet functional item in Minecraft. It’s used to show the wearable elements in Minecraft.

The armor stand’s level of rareness is pretty low, which means that it can be easily gained. Besides easily gained, it is also effortless to build. In creating armor stand, you can customize the poses so it will look livelier.

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However, be careful in keeping the armor stand because it is more likely to be attacked by arrows. Then, watch out the spot where you put the armor stand.

Place your armor stand on a solid block instead on the fence. Alright, without further ado, let’s complete the challenge on how to make an armor stand in minecraft.

Supported Platforms

Make an Armor Stand Minecraft

The Mandatory Elements to Build Your Armor Stand

The amount of needed materials is so small. That’s correct! You only need two elements to create your favorite armor stand. Now, all you need to do is preparing:

Armor Stand in Minecraft

  • a slab of smooth stone platform
  • 6 pieces of sticks

How to Make an Armor Stand in Minecraft: Let the Crafting Process Begin!

First step: You should not miss the 3×3 crafting grid in every process of creating items in Minecraft.

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How to Make an Armor Stand Minecraft

Second step: Settle the essential materials to the grids. This time, we will utilize 7 grids out of 9. To make an exemplary armor stand, lay down the first 3 sticks on the top grid.

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After that, put the 4th stick on the middle square of the middle grids. Then, set the 5th and 6th stick on the 7th and 9th grid. Lastly, put the smooth stone on the middle square of the last grid.

How to Make an Armor Stand in Minecraft

Third step: Carefully asses the final result. The final result of your armor stand will exist in a box at the right side. If the result doesn’t meet your expectation, you can always fix the armor stand.

Fourth step: After you feel satisfied with the result, please pass the armor stand to the Inventory area.
Finally, you will have your room beautifully decorated with the armor stand!

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Make an Armor Stand in Minecraft

Armor stand is one of decorative elements that you can find in the Minecraft. It’s such a common decoration materials.

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An armor stand is useful to present the items that can be worn. Armor stand is also effortless to make because it requires only two items. Furthermore, Minecraft’s armor stand lets you be creative by adding poses and limbs to it.

However, armor stand is prone to breakage. It can be damaged by arrows. However, since it’s a restorative element, you can build it again.