How to Make a Map in Minecraft

Do you like playing Minecraft? When it comes to Minecraft, you will deal with making a lot of items, including map.

A map certainly becomes an important item that must be in your inventory. That is why you need to understand how to make a map in Minecraft.

This item will be very useful to help you as playing this game. So, let’s start make your own map!

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Map Minecraft

Items you should prepare to make a Map

How To Make A Map Minecraft

When you are going to create a Map in Minecraft, there are several materials that you need to be prepared. First, make sure you have eight papers in your inventory.

Next, since a map will help you guide your Minecraft journey, you need one compass. If you already have those items, now let’s go to craft the map!

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An Easy Guide: How to make a map in Minecraft

1. Go to Crafting Menu

Map In Minecraft

The first step of making a map in Minecraft is by choosing the crafting menu. This is actually the very first step when you want to make any items in Minecraft.

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In crafting menus, you will get a 3×3 crafting table for putting the required items.

2. Put the materials to crafting grid

How To Make A Map In Minecraft

Next, let’s put all the required materials to the crafting grid. However, make sure you place it in the correct pattern.

Every version in minecraft actually has different materials. If you are playing Minecraft on PC/Mac, PS, or Xbox, then you should add one compass and eight papers.

Meanwhile, for Windows 10 and PE, you only need to put nine papers on crafting grid.

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Just like making any other items, making a map also has the exact pattern. For Windows 10 and Pocket Edition, you just need to put all papers in all boxes.

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Meanwhile, for PS, PC, and Xbox, put the compass in the middle of the box. Then, place all the eight papers in the rest box.

3. Move the map in your inventory

Make A Map In Minecraft

Now, you already have all materials in the right pattern. A map will appear in the single box right beside the crafting grid.

Make sure to put the crafting map in your inventory, so you can easily use it anywhere and anytime you want.

Now, you already know how to make a map in Minecraft. A map can be used for several things in this game.

Besides helping you in Minecraft journey, this is also can be used for cartography table. In Minecraft, a map can be upgraded into higher level.

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You can increase it either using papers or cartography table. Mostly, minecraft gamers refer to use the papers to increase their map.

To increase it into the level 2, you need 8 papers and a map. Then, go to the crafting menu, and put a map in the middle box with all papers around it.

Always repeat this steps and pattern if you want to increase it into level 3, level 4, and so on. Crafting a Minecraft map in actually is simple.

Just make sure you own the required items and follow the right instruction.