How to Make a Bookshelf in Minecraft

I bet that all game-geeks out there are familiar with the game called “Minecraft”.

However, what kind of game is that? Why everybody loves this game? Basically, it is a video game that displayed in a sandbox.

Minecraft is founded by Markus Persson in 2009. In this article, we will find the way on how to make a bookshelf in Minecraft.

What So Special About This Bookshelf?

A bookshelf is one of the items that you can get in Minecraft Earth, another version of Minecraft that launched in 2019.

Minecraft Earth emphasizes the structural building and collecting items in a place called Inventory. Furthermore, you can build things with the collected blocks.

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There are lots of block recipes that you can find online and one of them is how to make a bookshelf in Minecraft.

Where Can We Get This Bookshelf?

Bookshelf Minecraft

First thing that you should pay attention to is that make sure that your Minecraft has an innovative or creative section.

Then, for the availability, the bookshelf is available in several versions, such as in Windows 10, Java, Pocket, and Education version.

Moreover, you can find it in several devices, like in PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The Materials That You Should Prepare To Build Your Bookshelf

Here are the examples of wood materials that you can collect. Remember, you don’t have to own the same type of wood platforms because any type of wood platforms can work well too for your bookshelf in Minecraft. You’re gonna need these 8 items:

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How to Make a Bookshelf Minecraft Make a Bookshelf Minecraft

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  • Jungle wood plank (6 pieces)
  • You should have several books with you. As a start, you may prepare three books
  • Birch wood lumbers (6 woods)
  • Oak wood platform (6 pieces)
  • Spruce wood platform (6 platforms)
  • Jungle wood planks (6 pieces)
  • Acacia wood planks (6 woods)
  • Dark oak woods (6 woods)

Let’s Build Our Minecraft Bookshelf!

The first step: Go to the composing table to start the building process. After you open the menu, you will see the 3×3 grid. The grids act as an area to create the bookshelf.

Bookshelf in Minecraft

The second step: Put on the necessary materials in the composing grid. In order to make a good-looking bookshelf, you need at least six planks of woods and three books.

How to Make a Bookshelf in Minecraft

Moreover, there is a pattern that you might try. The pattern is, you need to put 3 wood platforms in the first grid.

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Then, put three books in the second grid. Lastly, put other 3 wood platforms in the third grid. You can use various types of woods here.

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The third step: You ought to travel the bookshelf to the Inventory section.

Make a Bookshelf in Minecraft

A bookshelf is one of basic things that you can get in Minecraft. As creative human beings, you may use the bookshelf to form another item for your Minecraft world, like table or a reading desk.

With Minecraft, you are the director of your own universe. The control is up to the players.