How to Make a Cookie in Minecraft

If you are a game lover, you surely ever heard about minecraft. This video game which is released in 2011 has more than hundreds million players around the world.

As this game becomes so much popular, there are many cheats about making some items including how to make a cookie in minecraft. Getting curious of making a cookie? Let’s check this out!

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How to Make A Cookie Minecraft

Require Materials of Making a Cookie

When it comes to Minecraft, cookie is a food item that easily make since the crafting will produce eight cookies all at once.

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Therefore, you can boost up the food meter as your character consumes it. Cookie is actually simply to make because you only need few materials. Even, the materials are easy to get in Minecraft.

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Cookie In Minecraft

First, you can make it by using 2 bunch of wheat. However, if you are run out of what, you can just change it with one cocoa bean.

Now, let’s open your Minecraft and check your inventory. If you already got those items, now is time to make a cookie!

How to Make a Cookie in Minecraft with Three Simple Steps

Making cookies in Minecraft is actually easy if you already own the required items. With only three simple steps, you can make your cookies every time you want!

1. Go to Crafting Menu

Make A Cookie Minecraft

Just like making other items, the first thing you should do is open the crafting menu. Then, you will see a basic 3×3 crafting table.

2. Put the Items

How to Make A Cookie In Minecraft

Let’s move to the next step! Now, it’s time to add the needed times. In the menu, you will see 3×3 crafting table.

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To get your cookie, mix one cocoa bean and two wheats in the crafting grid. As placing the items, make sure to put it in correctly. You cannot put the items randomly.

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First, you need to put wheat in the first row, and then add the cocoa bean next to the first wheat. Last, you need to add wheat again on the last box.

This will make the cocoa bean placed in the middle of wheats. Now, all the crafting area is already complete with the right pattern, and your 8 cookies are ready to eat!

3. Place Cookies in the Inventory

Make A Cookie In Minecraft

After colleting your crafted cookies in the right box, you should place the cookies to the inventory. Now, your cookies are ready to eat anytime!

Learning how to make a cookie in minecraft is truly easy. You only need three items and follow above three simple steps.

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However, as creating a cookie, there are several things that need to be concerned. A cookie is only available in several Minecraft versions such as, Xbox, Playstation, Wii U, PC/Mac, Windows 10, and Pocket Edition.

In Minecraft, a cookie can be used not only to boost up your food meter, but it also can be used to operate a composter.

However, if you want to use your cookie for a composter, it needs to be mixed with other items such as pumpkin, melon slice, carrot, and others. Therefore, you need to make sure you’ve got all materials before using it.