Zebra 220XiIII Plus Driver’s Features and Specifications

Zebra is known as a famous provider of school and business tools and stationery. One of its amazing products is the 220XiIII Plus printer that comes with Zebra 220XiIII Plus Driver. Unfortunately, this printer is discontinued. But if you still have the printer, you better get the right driver for that printer.

You can still find the driver online and get it installed on your computer. This way, you’re going to be able to connect the printer to your PC or laptop and use it to print things you need. However, it is essential to learn about the features and specs of the driver before getting them.

Features of Zebra 220XiIII Plus Driver

Understanding the features that are carried by the driver of the Zebra 220XiIII Plus printer will help you understand how to use the driver and which driver type will be the right one for your PC. Below are some features of the driver for the Zebra 220XiIII Plus printer.

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1. Designer driver for Windows

The first feature is a designer driver for Windows, both 32-bit version and 64-bit versions. The latest update was added to this driver on December 1st, 2016 but you can still use this Zebra 220XiIII Plus Driver today. The designer driver was created by Zebra itself and it is safe to use.

2. The latest setup utilities

The first version of Zebra’s setup utilities driver was only compatible with several versions of PC only. But Zebra added some updates to the utility driver so that it can be used in the latest versions of the operating system. This update allows you to keep using your 220XiIII Plus printer.

3. Detailed information about the CUPS driver

If you are using nonkiosk printers, you may need information that is clear and detailed about the CUPS driver. You can get and use the driver that will give you the information you need. As a result, you will be able to maximize the use of your Zebra printer.

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All types of drivers for different printers have their own features. Choosing the right driver for your own printer is essential since your printer won’t work without the right driver that carries the features needed by your driver. It is also important to learn about the specs before getting the right driver.

Zebra 220XiIII Plus Driver Specifications

Every single printer from Zebra has different specifications. Understanding the specs of each printer will help you to find the right driver easily. Before looking for the driver for the Zebra 220XiIII Plus printer, it is crucial to learn more about the specs of the printer and driver.

Printer Name Zebra 220XiIII Plus Industrial Printer
Printing Technology Thermal Transfer Industrial Printing
Brand Zebra
Connectivity Technology USB
Compatible Devices PC
Print Media Labels
Resolution 203×203 dpi with 8 dots per mm
Hardware Interface USB 2.0
Item Weight 75 pounds
Printing Speed Up to 8.5” wide at 10 or 254 mm inches per second (IPS).
Applications Wide label applications like chemical drum labels, automotive industry labels, primary metal standard labels, banner-sized labels, container, and pallet shipping labels.
Printer Mobility Not mobile
Ribbon Core 1
Maximum Print Length 39” or 991 mm (with standard memory)
Maximum Print Width 8.5” or 216 mm
Width of Label and Liner 108 mm to 224 mm or 4.25” to 8.8”.
Ribbon Width 108 mm to 220 mm or 4.25” to 8.6”.
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Now since you know the specs of the printer and the features of its driver, you will be able to see whether this printer is the right one for your business or not. If this is the right choice for you, get the printer as well as the driver.

Zebra 220XiIII Plus Driver has an essential role for your printer. You need to get it to operate the printer. But before getting the driver, check out these details about the 220XiIII printer and driver from this page.