For You, Here Comes The Zebra 160S Driver

Printer driver options now are very diverse. However, not all offer the best quality. If you need something sure, then better go for Zebra 160S driver. This will definitely be the perfect solution for you. Especially for printing your various needs.

For example, to print documents for office work, school needs, personal documents, and others. Whatever your needs can definitely be resolved properly using this driver. Moreover, you can install this driver easily and simply.


Features of Zebra 160S Driver

This driver has many good features and can be relied upon to meet your various needs. You may not find these features in other drivers. Starting from the resolution, processor, construction, and so on. You can use these features very well.

1. Resolution

This good driver is equipped with adequate resolution specifications. The resolution is 203 dpi with other very helpful details. This resolution is already good to help you print documents optimally for various needs. Especially for printing office documents.

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2. Processor

For your information, this driver has also a good processor. The processor is fast 32-bit processing. This will optimize driver performance. You don’t have to worry about taking a long time when printing your documents.

3. Construction

Construction in this driver is also very good. The construction of this driver consists of a steel frame and cabinet also with metal interior components. This construction is really strong and very reliable for print document needs.

4. Interface

This driver interface is also very good for you. The interface consists of parallel, US, ethernet, and 9-pin serial. It can certainly make it easier for you. This is really the best feature that you won’t necessarily find in other drivers.

5. Barcodes

Barcodes that complement the features of this driver are really very diverse. You will be amazed. Some of them Linear-Code 11, Code 93, Code 39, Code 128 with subsets A/C/B, UPC and EAN 2, ISBT 128, UPC E, UPC A, EAN 13, EAN 8 and UCC Case Codes, and so on. Really very complete, isn’t it?

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Specifications of Zebra 160S Driver

After you know what the features are, then the next you can immediately see the specifications section. You really need to know the details of this information about specifications. Some of these specifications include:

1. Best Maximum Print Width

The completeness of these specifications makes this driver very reliable for your document printing needs. The maximum print width in this driver is 6.3” (106 mm). For your information, this driver can readily print common 6” x 4” applications without the need to rotate the barcode or the label.

2. Good Performance

This driver is equipped with excellent performance processor support. The 160S has support for a 32-bit processor that can make your work quickly completed with agility. This will cut down on the time you normally need to print documents.

3. Advanced Programming Language

Zebra always maximizes every product. One of the variants of this is 160S. For the programming language, this product is equipped with the ZPL II programming language. This language is very fast in reading commands and immediately working on the process of printing documents properly.

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4. Faster Clock Speed

Who doesn’t want to print documents quickly and precisely? Well, this driver is equipped with these specifications. Thus, when you use this driver, you can print which documents you want faster. Everything will be more effective.

5. Friendly Display

This driver really allows you to be able to print documents very easily. Of course, this is because the appearance of this application is very user-friendly. Even for new users, there is no need to worry. You can immediately use it practically and simply.

Zebra 160S Driver is the best solution driver for your needs. With a variety of features and sophisticated specifications, of course, it can help you well to print documents very well. From this, you don’t have to worry anymore about what the best reliable driver is right now.