Zebra 140 Driver: 203 Dpi Document Printing Soluton

A businessman, of course, must be selective in choosing software for office needs. One of them is the printer driver. As the best recommendation to support your office document printing needs, you should use Zebra 140 driver.

The technological sophistication of this driver is not to be underestimated. These features are very complete, it even has amazingly good specifications. You will be amazed and feel very helped by the presence of this driver. Therefore, try to use this driver right now.

Features of Zebra 140 driver

As one of the best reliable drivers for printing your documents, it is only natural if this driver has several powerful features. These features will make it easier for you to get the best documents according to your wishes. Then, what are these features?

Equipped with The Latest Smart Features

This driver has a complete set of advanced features that are very compatible with today’s document printing uses. Whatever your document printing needs can be fulfilled with this driver. The smart features support are really not kidding.

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Fastest Document Print Support

This driver has support for the latest features that can speed up the process of printing documents according to your needs. You will certainly benefit greatly from this feature. So, it doesn’t take much time to print your document.

Document Print Status Monitor

This feature will make it easier for you to print documents in good condition. You don’t have to worry about falling to print documents. Everything will be monitored properly using this feature. Including one of them to check the printer ink. This is very good for minimizing the failure to print your document.

Various Resolution

Resolution is the number of ink dots per inch on the printed page. This can be determined from the printer driver. The Zebra 140 driver only has one type of resolution, namely 230 dpi. The number of dots is 8 dots per mm. This is good for giving the best printout. Even this driver can rely on for work or job.

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Reliable Processor

Equipped with the best processor, this driver is really reliable for various needs. All your document printing needs can be done easily. Print anything you want practically with this driver right now. The method is also very simple to do. So that everyone can use this driver easily.

Specifications of Zebra 140 driver

This variant of the Zebra driver brand is really very interesting for you to install. This driver, not only provides the best features but is also equipped with qualified specifications. So, what are the specifications?

Specifications Detail
Smart Media Characteristic Fonts/Graphics/Symbologies
Support Transponders Texas instruments Tag-ITTM & Philip I CodeTM
Print Methods Thermal transfer or direct thermal
Construction 12-gauge steel frame
Display Multilingual backlit LCD display
Media Sensors Transmissive & reflective media sensors
Quality Print Multilevel element energy equalizer (E3) for superior print quality
Maximum Print Area -Width: 5.04”/128 mm

-Length: 39”/991 mm with standard memory

Resolution 203 dpi/8 dots per mm
Maximum Print Speed 12”/305 mm per second
Memory Usage 1.5 MB flash and 4 MB DRAM
Physical Characteristics -Width: 11.15”/283.2 mm

-Depth: 19.5”/495 mm

-Height: 15.5”/393.7 mm

-Weight: 55 lbs/25 kg

RFD Smart Media Specifications -Label: 1.57”/40 mm

-Liner Width: 5.51”/140 mm

-Ribbon Width: 1.57”/40 mm to 5.1”/130 mm

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These various specifications can certainly make this driver function properly and optimally. Document printing needs will go well so that later you can immediately pick up your printed documents. So, why wait so long to get this driver?

Zebra 10 driver is the best driver that can help your document printing process quickly and effectively. Of course, very high quality and can be used to print documents for various purposes. For that, have this driver now!