Barcode Zebra 90XiII Driver Printer for Developed Businesses

Zebra provides various types of printers for businesses and industries. One of them is the 90XiII series. Included in this series are Zebra 90XiII Driver, 96XiII Plus, 140XiII Plus, 170XiII Plus, and 220XiII Plus. Each printer of the series comes with its own driver.

Every single printer of the series has different specs but also shares the same features. You are going to check the specs and features of the printer you are interested in. This will help you figure out whether the printer you want is the one your business needs.

Features of Zebra 90XiII Driver

Zebra 90XiII printer comes with connectivity solutions that are superior, including the ZebraNet Wireless Card Socket that will eliminate the cabling costs when the printer is reconfigured or moved. Some other features that are carried by this amazing printer for business are:

1. Zebra Link connectivity

Zebra 90XiII printer comes with real-time connectivity that is revolutionary as well as a control solution for the printer. The control solution you will find in this printer for business includes Alert control with ZebraNet Print Server II. This control allows the printer to send unsolicited status messages.

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The messages will be sent via email-enabled devices such as PDAs, PCs, cell phones, and even pagers.

2. WebView control solution

Zebra 90XiII also has a WebView feature that is enabled by ZebraNet PrintServer II. This feature enables the remote configuration and monitoring of the Zebra printer by using the network tools that are based on the web.

3. ZBI or Zebra Basic Interpreter

This feature of Zebra 90XiII Driver is a programming language that will work with the ZPL II in order to control and interpret the incoming data and text.

The Zebra Link is going to allow you to create stand-alone applications by using the Zebra 90XiII printer as well as the peripheral devices without using any PC host. Then the ZBI is going to transmit the data that is captured by the device over the wireless network, WAN, or LAN.

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Zebra 90XiII Driver Specifications

In order to compare Zebra 90XiII with the other printers in the series, you need to understand the specs of Zebra 90XiII first. Learn about the complete specs of the printer as well as the driver to see whether this product is what your business really needs. Below are the specs of the Zebra 90XiII printer.

Maximum Print Area Width 86 mm or 3.4”

Length 991 mm or 39”

Resolution 300 dpi with 12 dots per mm
Maximum Print Speed 203 mm or 8” per second
Memory 4 MB Flash memory, non-volatile


Physical Characteristics Width 232.4 mm (9.15”)

Height 393.7 mm (15.5”)

Depth 495 mm (19.5”)

Weight 22.7 kg (50 lbs)

Media Specifications Liner and label thickness 20 mm to 90 mm (0.79” to 3.54”)
Construction 12 gauge steel frame
Electrical Input Universal power supply

Power factor correction 90-264 VAC: 48 Hz to 62 Hz

Communication Interface Capabilities USB 2.0 port (480M bits/second)

Parallel interface

Optional ZebraNet PrintServer II

Optional Wireless Card Socket

Graphic Features Supports user-defined graphics and fonts, including custom logos
Accessories and Options Label peel

PC cards


Scalable and international fonts

Applicator interface

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The Zebra 90XiII printer is one of the most ideal options for applications, especially those that require high-resolution barcode labels but are small, such as the tracking of small parts and printed circuit boards and also identifying the small products.

This printer has a standard 300 dpi printhead that makes sure the barcodes print clearly when the space is limited.

Zebra 90XiII Driver comes with the 90XiII printer. Is this the printer you need for your business? Learning about the specs and features of the printer will help you figure out whether this is the best choice or not.