Minimalist Thermal Zebra GC420d Driver for Various Sectors

Desktop printers come in so many options. One of them is the Zebra GC420d Driver printer. This Zebra printer carries so many features that will meet what you need. Zebra offers a desktop printer that has excellent quality and durability. The GC420d also comes with reliable performance.

This printer is an ideal choice for low volume, medium volume, thermal transfer, and direct thermal applications. Though Zebra claims this printer is an ideal printer, you still need to look for the details of the printer, especially its specifications and features.

Features of Zebra GC420d Driver

Zebra GC420d printer is a perfect printer for various applications, such as blood bank and laboratory specimen labeling in the healthcare sector, receipt printing and price labeling in the retail sector, bag tags, parking passes, and boarding tickets in logistics and transports. The printer has these features:

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1. Compact design to help you save space

The printer of GC420d has a compact design that is perfect to save some space. Inside its compact design, there is a 32-bit processor that is powerful for faster label throughput. It also has 8 MB of flash memory inside the small printer, the memory will increase the storage of graphics and fonts.

This GC420d printer by Zebra supports media that the width reaches 4.25 for the standard desktop applications. This printer also includes EPL2 as well as the ZPL II programming languages that are powerful so you can integrate with the other Zebra printers much more easily.

2. A versatile printer for all business sectors

Zebra GC420d Driver printer offers the dispenser/peeler option that will extend the versatility of the GC420d printer. This is going to meet the greater variety of applications. This printer is the right one for the manufacturing sector, especially for shipping and product labeling.

Zebra GC420d Driver Specification

Planning to get a receipt printer for your own business? This GC420d printer may be the best choice. But before ordering one of the products, you better learn about the printer’s specifications. This is going to help you see what makes the printer special so you can make the right decision.

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Maximum Print Area Width 104 mm or 4.09”

Length 990 mm or 39”

Resolution 203 dpi with 8 dots per mm
Maximum Print Speed 102 mm or 4” per second
Memory Standard: 8 MB DRAM, 8 MB Flash
Physical Characteristics Width 201 mm (7.9”)

Height 170 mm (6.7”)

Depth 208 mm (8.2”)

Weight 1.4 kg (3 lbs)

Media Specifications Width 25.4 mm to 108 mm (1” to 4.25”)

Length 9.6 mm to 990 mm (0.38” to 39”)

Thickness 0.08 mm to 0.18 mm (0.003” to 0.007”)

Electrical specifications Input 50-60 Hz, 100-240 VAC

Output 3.0A, 20 VDC

Auto-ranging external power supply

C7 type connector

Communication Interface Capabilities USB version 1.1 bidirectional interface

RS232 serial interface

Centronics parallel 36 pin connector ports

Graphic Features One resident scaleable ZPL font

16 resident expandable ZPL fonts

Supports user-defined graphics and fonts, including the custom logos

5 resident expandable EPL2 fonts

Accessories and Options KDU Plus and KDU (keyboard display units) that will support the stand-alone printing applications


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Once you know the entire specs and features of this app, you will know whether this printer suits your business or not. Before purchasing this product, always compare this printer with the other printers. This helps you get the best printer that really suits the needs of your business.

Zebra GC420d Driver printer is a minimalist thermal desktop printer that is ideal for various applications and many business sectors. However, you need to make sure that the printer you desire is able to meet the needs of your own business. Check the specs and features of this Zebra GD420d here.