WP Force SSL Overview

Creating websites and managing online businesses can be incredibly fulfilling jobs. But before you decide how to design your website or which plugins to use you need to ensure that your website works properly. When you’re building a house the last thing you worry about is the last coat of paint on the walls, and the main focus is on having a good foundation.

WP Force SSL

Websites work in the same way. If you don’t have a good foundation that makes your website function, it won’t matter that it’s pretty, trendy, or even revolutionary. People will simply avoid the website just as people avoid shacks after earthquakes.

The question is how do you go about securing foundational features that are fundamental in website operation? All you need is an SSL plugin such as WP Force SSL. It serves as a lightweight SSL provider that ensures your website is safe to use and that it can be shown in search engines.

So what are SSL plugins anyways?

In short SSL plugins provide users with an SSL certificate that shows search engines, online visitors, and online security agencies that your website is safe to visit. These certificates give you protocols that serve as online security measures for communication between networks. The most obvious example people see every day is the HTTPS protocol.

Back in the day when website creation came had to be done manually, without the wonderful assistance of WordPress and its accompanying plugins, getting an SSL certificate was a nightmare of a job. But now with WP Force SSL, you can easily gain SSL certification in just a few clicks.

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Not only does WP Force SSL give you the certification you need, but it also provides a multitude of features that may help you in boosting your website to the top of search results

1. Everything you need for SSL

The main feature of WP Force SSL is of course the SSL configuration package. With it, you’ll be able to set up your SSL certificates in minutes. By having a singular plugin that handles SSL configuration you’re saving yourself days of work and precious space. WP Force SSL provides you with a complete set of tools for configuring your SSL certificate.

WP Force SSL Certificate

And on top of that, WP Force SSL takes special care that the plugin has full compatibility with any other plugin you might have. This set of tools is incredibly lightweight and thus it won’t slow down your site at all.

2. Fast content scanner

Mixed content can be quite dangerous to the success of a website. And checking all content manually is a nigh-impossible task. It would take days and you’d lose time dedicated to designing or maintaining your website. But WP Force SSL has an automated content scanner that can check your website for mixed content in mere minutes.

Mixed content can be a serious security risk for your website as it forces HTML code to appear before the HTTPS protocols. But WP Force SSL can quickly check your website to make sure it’s healthy and functional. And it even provides a comprehensive report so that you know precisely which page is the source of your issues.

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WP Force SSL Scanner

3. Automatically monitor SSL

Setting up SSL is only a part of the SSL certification process, the other part is maintaining it. You need to constantly renew it otherwise you’re risking the security of your site. That’s why WP Force SSL has an automatic SSL monitor that tracks your certification in real-time. SSL monitoring ensures that your licenses are renewed on time and that no errors go unnoticed.

Monitoring SSL is a job that never ends, and doing so manually would be way too taxing. But this automatic SSL monitor takes over such a taxing job and optimizes so that you don’t even need to think about it.

SSL Monitor

4. Provides White Lable options

Another great feature of WP Force SSL is its White Labeling. Like any other upstanding plugin, it can hide its labeling for your convenience. This can be incredibly important as it shows an aura of professionalism around your website. Nobody likes seeing watermarks, on pictures, so why would they want to see plugin ads on their websites.

So that’s why WP Force SSL has a White Label mode that automatically hides all plugin-related labels. All you need to do is activate it in the settings, and from then on the plugin will work without others knowing that you use it.

5. Fast support

Things can go wrong with any plugin, that’s just the simple reality of the situation. This is one of the reasons WP Force SSL is built as lightweight as possible. The fewer moving parts and bloat a plugin has, there are lesser chances of it breaking. But there can still be issues and confusion with the plugin, which is why Wp Force SSL has an impeccable support team that can help out at a moment’s notice.

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Any issue you might have goes directly to the developers of the plugin who then solves it as quickly as possible. This means that you won’t be negotiating with outsourced support teams that barely know what you’re talking about. Instead, you’ll get a personalized support experience.

6. Centralized controls

It is also important to mention that WP Force SSL has a fully centralized dashboard through which you can monitor any changes to your website. This means that you won’t need any additional plugins to track how well your website’s performing. When one uses additional metrics trackers they tend to slow down the website, so having an integrated control command means you’ll be able to change everything in a single spot and monitor how the changes are performing.

In conclusion, WP Force SSL is a must-have plugin that handles all things SSL-related. Having such an easy-to-use plugin means you’ll be able to spend time efficiently, as you won’t get bogged down by complex security issues. All SSL certification will be handled by WP Force SSL while you go about designing your perfect website