Focus On Top #7 Dental Marketing Strategies to Grow in 2022

Have you built a new dental clinic and still searching for quality leads online? Are you clueless about traffic? Despite all the experience and excellent service, if you have the right dental marketing technique, you can’t capture the right market share!


Digital Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a business’s success nowadays. However, dental clinics also face many hardships in conquering the industry. Along with knowledge, skill, experience, and equipment, you also need the power of the internet to target your audience. Stats suggest that over 37% of dental clinics find it hard to seek leads. Whereas, 77% of patients now use the internet to search for a reliable dental clinic. So kick off your digital marketing campaign to grow your business with new leads. In this article, we are going to share some wonderful tips. It involves researching clients, understanding their needs, performing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, and much more in a fast and efficient manner. That’s all that we’ll be going over today.

7 dental Marketing Strategies for Success

#1 Build a high-quality business website– A functional and attractive website for your clinic is your first step towards a successful marketing strategy. Online presence with a virtual address where your patients can find you is important. In addition, a website allows a range of business objectives such as:

  • Allow patients to check the 24/7 services offered by you
  • A platform to book appointments
  • Showcase review & testimonials of previous patients
  • Offer online bill payment facilities
  • Online chat assistance
  • Effective communication with the audience
  • Maximum data about the clinic, dentist, and services

Statistics show that the majority of users judge a business with the performance and quality of its website. Therefore, if the website is informative, user-engaging, graphic-rich, eye-catching, and user friendly, you can expect more leads to grow your business. This way, your conversion rate will also increase with time. Nowadays mobile apps have become a popular alternative, as they add more interactivity in communication with your client. Check out this guide to know more about costs to develop an app for your business:

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#2 Focus on SEO– Local SEO is known as the backbone of internet marketing. SEO Sydney expert Breanna Lee suggests that investing in local SEO services is one of the most profitable decisions that local businesses can make. People usually like to visit healthcare centers that are close to them. You may offer a particular service or use certain tools and technologies that your competitors don’t. This will make you stand out from them in the industry. Also, keep in mind that potential clients don’t know the specific dental details or procedures. So they don’t care much if you are a world-class authority for root canal procedures or if you use a high-tech sterilization method. Most clients shop locally because they want a friendly neighborhood dentist who can treat them like family. Emphasize this local aspect in your dental marketing strategy. Brand yourself as a local friendly dental practice that people can trust easily.

Also, don’t forget to get backlinks cheap, and improve your SEO quickly.


#3 Register on Business Directories, Listings, and Maps– Google Maps is the king of online business directories. Now make sure you are listed in renowned online business directories and mapping services. 70% of internet users use Google Maps regularly. In addition, there are many free online business directories that can help to grow your business. Register on Google My Business, Apple Maps Connect, Citysearch, and many more to maximize your efforts. You can also embed an automatically updated map from Google directly to your website.

#4 Organic Social Media Marketing- Well, in the digital marketing field, organic is free. Organic social media dental marketing is about using free features of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so forth. Creating a business page on Facebook, posting images, and tweeting is a form of organic social media marketing. Consumers usually analyze things like a business’s hours of operation or current services to leave a sizeable chunk of free digital advertising.

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Your Facebook business page has to represent your contact details, address, and other important details to list your click locally and grow your business. 88% of consumers read online testimonials before visiting a clinic in person. That’s why people often try to buy social media PVA accounts to get instant success. Social media presence is vital for digital word-of-mouth marketing. A Facebook page with glorified client reviews makes your clinic look professional and reliable. Without this, you have the risk of appearing trustworthy to someone. So, even before you build your website, make sure you have to build your Linkedin and Facebook pages. Encourage your friends or renowned persons to follow your social media page and build a strong presence.

Social Media

#5 Paid Social Media Ads– In this digital age, paid advertising is also crucial to growing your business. People spend more time on platforms like Facebook and Twitter than ever now. To reach a large portion of the audience, you need to be paid for social media dental marketing strategies. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., offer ads for a business to flourish.

These ads reflect your website and the platform they appear on. For example, Twitter offers short-form ads, Instagram focuses on display ads, YouTube does quick video ads, and much more. Facebook and LinkedIn do it all; PPC ads are the most cost-effective form and highest promising element of digital marketing.

#6 Display Advertising– Simple visual ads comprise an eye-catching picture, a brief description, and call t action phrase. The business logo is usually designed on top of such posts. As far as digital dental marketing goes, display ads offer a great opportunity to add a few members of your staff, previous patients, and stuff like that. One of the main goals tends to cultivate trust with your potential patients.

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Show a genuine sense of professionalism and compassion so that your audience can trust you. A picture says more than a thousand words. Most digital marketing agencies allow display ads, such as Google Ads. You can add images to your social media accounts with them as well.

#7 Email Marketing

A tried and tested successfully digital advertising method is email marketing. Whiz-bang online agencies and cutting-edge analytics suggest that emails are a great tool to grow your business online. But remember to get consent before emailing patients. Ask your audience to sign up for your newsletter after scheduling an appointment with them. You can also offer low-cost deals or special offers with them. After all, a dental clinic starts and ends with patient reliability only.

But if you are too annoying or aggressive in email marketing, hire people that can do that job for you. Personalize your emails, keep them short and grab readers’ attention with graphics. Avoid buzzwords like free or save; people are turned off by those kinds of marketing emails. Finally, make sure your emails look super professional.


Preparing an effective dental marketing plan is not that difficult. However, it needs to be done with precision. Most traditional forms of advertising charge, but these strategies are forever. These #7 strategies are great and highly cost-efficient ways to draw in a new lead. These things take time, so you have to work on them patiently and wait for results. If you’re still a bit unsure or just don’t have the time, ask your queries in the comment section. Better, you can hire a reputed dental marketing agency!