Thermal Transfer Zebra GK420t Driver Printer for Businesses

Zebra GK420t Driver printer is a thermal transfer printer that is designed to print graphics, barcodes, and texts. This printer has a minimalist design that allows you to start printing barcodes for the products in your manufacturing industry or in your retail store.

At a glance, this printer may be the one you need the most. But you shouldn’t make any purchase before learning about the features and the specs of each product. There are various printers out there that are designed for businesses. But let’s get to know more about GK420t.

Features of Zebra GK420t Driver

Don’t buy a printer just because it looks cool when it sits on your working desk. The printer you’re going to buy must have the right features that can support the job. It must also have specifications that meet what your business really needs. If you are curious about the features of GK420t, below is the answer.

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1. Font packs to print in various languages

The GK420t printer comes with Asian font kits and other international fonts. If you are about to print receipts, labels, or anything else with Asian fonts, this printer is the right choice for you. This printer is also completed with the Zebra programming language that allows you to download objects.

The objects you can download include bitmap fonts, graphics, formats, and label templates. Now you can make your labels and receipts much more easily.

2. Equipped with alerts system

The alerts system that is added to the printers is going to notify you via the wired device, wireless device, or email to minimize the downtime. This feature is a special feature that is enabled by ZebraNet print servers.

Also, the Zebra GK420t Driver comes with Zebra Programming Language II which provides sophisticated printer control and label formatting. This programming language is compatible with mobile and tabletop Zebra printers.

Zebra GK420t Driver Specification

Knowing the specifications of GK420t will help you see whether this printer is the best choice or not. So many other Zebra printers are available. Use the details about the GK420t below to compare this product with the other printers.

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Maximum Print Area Length 991 mm or 39”

Width 104 mm or 4.09”

Resolution 203 dpi with 8 dots per mm
Maximum Print Speed 127 mm or 5” per second
Memory 4 MB Standard Flash memory

8 MB Standard SDRAM memory

Physical Characteristics Width 193 mm (7.6”)

Height 191 mm (7.5”)

Depth 254 mm (10”)

Weight 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs)

Media Specifications Media types continuous or die-cut direct thermal labels, fanfold or roll-fed, wristbands, and continuous receipt paper.

Media thickness 0.08 mm to 0.19 mm

Construction Dual-wall frame construction
Electrical Input Auto detectable 50-60 Hz, 100-240 VAC, rated at 70 Watts

Energy star 2.9 qualified printer

Communication Interface Capabilities RS232 auto-sensing, adaptive serial interface

USB version 1.1, bidirectional

Optional internal 10/100 ethernet

Centronics parallel connector ports

Graphic Features Smooth scalable font

Supports user-defined graphics and fonts, including custom logos

Standard bitmapped zebra fonts

Expandable bitmap fonts up to 10 times

Accessories and Options Keyboard display units that are designed for stand-alone printing solutions
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Compared to its brother, the GK420d, this GK420t is a little bigger and heavier. But this product is still an amazing printer for many business sectors. If you are interested in getting the printer, make sure you get the driver as well so you can use this printer more properly.

Zebra GK420t Driver printer is a versatile printer that allows you to print labels, receipts, and the other things you need for the business. Check the features of this printer and the specs of the GK420t printer to see if this one is the most ideal printer you have been looking for.