The Top Foundation Repair Methods for Long-Lasting Results


We are all aware of the fact that the foundation is the most important part of every building because its main task is to keep the building secure and stable. However, if this crucial element is not laid out in a proper way, there can be various structural problems that would seek costly repairs. This is why you should be able to recognize the foundation issues as soon as possible and have them fixed by the foundation repair experts immediately to avoid some extra expenses.


Throughout the article, you will get to know top foundation repair methods that will have extremely long-lasting results. Moreover, you will learn how to recognize potential foundation issues promptly and save yourself and your house from trouble.

How to Identify Foundation Problems?

Building foundation

First of all, the foundation is part of a house that connects the building to the ground and transfers all the loads from the structure to the ground, and it can either be shallow or deep. If the foundation is not done properly, it can cause serious damage to both the exterior and interior of the house. If you are wondering how to spot foundation problems and suspect such a problem, you can check some common signs.

First, check to see if there are cracks in the walls and floors, as well as openings around doors and windows. If your doors and windows are stuck and do not open or close easily, that could also be a possible sign of foundation problems. Also look for bowing walls, usually in the basement, or slipped moldings. In addition, pay attention if your home’s porch and sill are sagging, or if your windows and doors are misaligned. Uneven floors, leaning chimneys, and any other type of shifting can also be major signs of foundation problems.

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Foundation problems can show up in subtle ways at first. For example, you may notice some irrelevant and small cracks or water intrusion after heavy rains. Sometimes, these small problems are nothing more than a nuisance and not a sign of a larger problem. But often, however, they’re signs of larger problems that will announce themselves if not addressed immediately. If you notice such small signs, you should call in a professional to assess the situation.

What Are the Best Foundation Repair Methods?

There are several ways to rebuild your home’s foundation. Which foundation repair method is appropriate for your home depends on several factors, such as the symptoms your home is suffering from, the composition and compaction of the soil beneath your home, the depth at which stable conditions are found, and the type of foundation that needs support.

All types of foundation repairs require the knowledge of a foundation repair expert, so do not try to turn them into your little project. However, it is always great to be aware of the situation regarding your home and be familiar with all the options that you might have.

Permanent Repair Methods


Steel Piers

Installing steel piers under your house is probably the best and most permanent solution for stabilizing the foundation – and the costliest. This repair involves driving galvanized steel posts deep into the ground beneath the foundation. The piers can go as deep as needed to reach the rock or soil that is compact enough to provide adequate support. Steel piers can support large amounts of weight, work in almost any soil condition, and are considered a durable repair.

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Helical Piers

Another great method of permanent foundation repair is helical piers made of galvanized steel. These are the steel posts that rotate into the ground with a spiral tip that resembles a screw, pulling the pier deeper below the surface as it is rotated by large machinery. Furthermore, helical piers are beneficial for supporting the enormous weight of a house and foundation. They are drilled into the ground until they reach the heavy soil and become able to support the load before they are attached to the house.

Concrete Piles

Concrete piles are blocks or cylinders made of cured concrete. When it comes to their size, they can either be a few inches or a few feet wide and long. The piles are driven or set into the compacted soil below the foundation and consist of one or more pieces that are stacked on top of each other. Moreover, concrete piles are a less expensive alternative to steel piers. However, whether they’re an appropriate solution for your foundation depends on the soil beneath your home.

Poured Concrete Piers

If you are looking for another cost-effective solution for foundation repair, all you need is right beneath your house. This method involves digging a large hole under the foundation, which is filled with wet concrete that hardens before being attached to the house. Poured concrete piers are extremely useful and long-lasting in many soil conditions and can be shaped like a simple cylinder or even have a bell at the bottom to provide more support.

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Slab Jacking

Not all foundation problems require big interventions and heavy repairs. If you have noticed that your concrete slab is just slightly uneven or there are some tiny cracks, all you need is slab jacking. Slab jacking only includes drilling the holes and injecting a polyurethane foam or concrete slurry under the defective section, which can easily solve your foundation issues. However, this might not be a completely permanent solution after just one application, but you will need a few of them to fix the problem entirely.


Foundation problems should be fixed as soon as they arose to avoid other consequences regarding the potential damages to the house. They are several methods that can be used to fix the issues, but only the foundation repair expert can evaluate which one would be the best for your house and the soil in which it was built. Hiring professionals will save you from stress and get you long-term or even permanent results, so you won’t have to worry about your foundation ever again.