How to promote Instagram account of a fitness coach

Each blog on Instagram attracts users with the help of the personal qualities of the author. For example, someone has a good sense of humor, someone cooks deliciously, and someone knows a lot of useful information about coding. If we view private Instagram profiles of fitness experts, then trainers usually have an athletic physique and can talk about proper nutrition and daily routine.

As in any niche, there are an incredible number of sports accounts now. In this regard, it is very difficult to gain popularity from scratch. At the beginning of the work, you will definitely need to buy Instagram followers to get the first audience and make posts for it and not in vain. Today we will talk about how you can succeed in this social network quickly and without big expenses.

Make varied content

Those who regularly play sports usually have a strict daily routine: sleep, meals, workout in the gym, and jogging. For this reason, all the photos in the account are moments of training or a locker room. If you publish the same content every day, then users will quickly get tired of looking at your posts.

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Fitness Coach

Take beautiful photos while jogging (this will require the service of a photographer) and travel, and show what kind of food you eat. Do not forget to use photo editors to make your pictures bright and attractive to the audience.

Always write descriptions under the photo. In addition to wishes for a good day, you can talk about the rules for compiling a daily routine, what you should not eat and how to achieve healthy sleep. Informational posts are necessary for readers to trust you as an expert in your field and want to use your services.

As we said, newbies now need to buy real Instagram followers to be successful on the platform. This is the only effective way that allows you to promote your account. However, after that, you need to convince new readers to stay with you. This requires quality content.

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Client results

You can talk about your experience as much as you like and show diplomas of advanced training, but if you do not publish the results of clients, then no one will trust you. Be sure to ask permission from your clients to post before and after photos of your workouts and make a post about it.

Fitness Client

You can ask them to take a high-quality photo in bright daylight, or you can shoot yourself in the gym. Often, in addition to the visible result, the emotions of the person in the photo work: a novice athlete is sad because he does not like his physical form, and after a year of training, the person is happy and full of energy.

Create a content plan

One of the most important tasks of a fitness trainer is to draw up a content plan that will reflect all the posts for the next month. To make it easier for yourself, you can not prescribe the texts in detail but simply make a sketch. For example, determine on which day of the week you will talk about nutrition and on which about sleep.

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Also, try to collect a collection of photos and videos that you will attach to your posts. This is important because without a backup you will have situations where you have to publish a post now but you don’t have the media for it.

If you have an album with photos from one shooting, then alternate them with other pictures so that there is no monotony. As we said, users love when creators show different content.


Now every fitness trainer should create a blog on Instagram and actively maintain it in order to succeed. Follow our advice and soon you will get a big increase in new customers.