How to Make a Compass in Minecraft

You can go anywhere you want in Minecraft with various places that you may visit. However, you will need a compass that can help you to give a proper direction. However, people still confuse about how to make a compass in Minecraft.

Once you want to create a compass in Minecraft means you need to pay attention with the requirement and steps. The lists below will help you to have a proper way to create compass.

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms a Compass in Minecraft

Find the Material Requirement

Material Requirement Compass in Minecraft

Before you find the best step to create a compass, you need to make sure about the material that is needed. To create a compass, you will need to have 4 iron ingots and 1 redstone dust in your inventory.

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However, there is still people who do not know where to find this material. You can have both of the material when you are exploring the forest and start to pick or collect them to your inventory.

Steps to Create a Compass

1. Open your crafting menu

Compass in Minecraft

If you still confuse about how to make a compass in Minecraft you should know that crafting menu is a place to build something.

You need to open the menu to make sure if it is already open and you can add the item inside. It would have a size 3×3 crafting grid for you to start.

2. Start to add an item

Since you already know the required material to create a compass you need to put all of them into the crafting grid.

You can make sure if all of the materials are located in the right box. For this method you will need to fill the first row with 1 iron ingot which located in the middle of the box.

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You can start to fill the second row with the first row filled with 1 iron ingot and the second box with 1 redstone. For the last row which is the third row will be the middle box that is filled by 1 iron ingot.

How to make a Compass in Minecraft

It is the best and effective recipe while creating a compass in Minecraft. You may see the compass appear in the box if you can do it right and finish with the crafting process.

3. Try to move the compass to your inventory

make a Compass in Minecraft

After you finish with the crafting process moving your compass to the inventory would be important. You need to make sure if the compass is appeared to your inventory until you can finally use it.

4. Use the compass

You can easily to get lost in Minecraft and wander where you are. Since you may look for villages, gathering materials, and other activity that will let you go far away.

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However, when you get lost you can find the way back with the compass. It is one of the useful tools that you can have on your game. With compass, you can have a spawn points which would be set on the game.

With the compass in your hand everything will be easier to do. Including to find the way back to your place before.

Since you already know how to make a compass means that you only need to follow the instruction until you succeed to create one.