How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

If you are a big fan of the game Minecraft, you surely know the development of the game complete with changes to some items in it.

Terracotta is an item that is often used in Minecraft games. This terracotta is made of clay with a rock-hard texture.

Terracotta can also explode with a strong and durable. You can made it by coloring in sixteen kind of color. Here is the explanation of how to make terracotta in Minecraft.

You can find uncolored terracotta in every edition of Minecraft. It can be also naturally find in Badlands Biomes. The other terracotta can be found in Dessert Pyramids.

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Terracotta was also called Stained Clay is used for making a better decoration in your building material. So, you can made it by yourself by following this steps and gathering some requirement material.

Supported Platforms

Terracotta Minecraft

Requirement Material in Making Terracotta Minecraft

You have to know colored or uncolored terracotta can be found in several place for completing your inventory menu. Besides, it is easy to make due to the requirement material.

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Make Terracotta Minecraft

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You just have to find a clay block for making a terracotta with using crafting menu. A clay block can be found easily, so you can make the terracotta as soon as possible.

The Way How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

1. Opening Your Furnace Menu

How to Make Terracotta Minecraft

Terracotta is an item that can be made from the combustion process. So, before you open the crafting menu, you must open the furnace menu first.

First, you have to place fuel in the furnace menu, then enter the block of clay into the top box.

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2. Seeing the Process of Furnace Menu

Terracotta in Minecraft

If you have done to put all of the items to the furnace menu, you have to wait the process until all of the requirement material turn into terracotta.

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It will be spent several minutes for making terracotta rightly, so you don’t have to close the furnace menu due to the ongoing process.

3. Coloring the Terracotta

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

If you want to make colored terracotta you can find other items and gather in advance. All of the requirement material have to be completed in your inventory.

It can make you easier to make colored terracotta with using completed material in your inventory. Don’t forget to open the crafting menu if it should be done to do.

4. Move Your New Terracotta to the Inventory

Make Terracotta in Minecraft

This step is important to do because if you don’t move terracotta into inventory, you can’t use this thing. So, after you follow all of the instruction you have to move your terracotta to inventory.

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So, you can decorate your building as well with every kind of colored terracotta. Your adventure will be more cheerful and has nice looking. Congratulation for your new terracotta

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That is all the explanation of how to make terracotta in Minecraft that can be applied easily by players. You just have to find one requirement material for making terracotta.

Besides, you have to open the furnace menu for following the process. Don’t close the furnace menu if the terracotta didn’t come well. Don’t forget to move your new terracotta to inventory.