How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

You will need a bed in Minecraft to make sure if you can have a place to sleep tonight.

However, every Minecraft would provide a basic color for the new bed for each user. White color is an introduction color that you can find on the game.

However, you should know the process and requirement about how to make a bed in Minecraft. The lists below will be a guidance for you to have a bed in your game.

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms a Bed in Minecraft

Prepared the Required Materials

Required Material Bed in Minecraft

The bed would be a place for you to respawning after you are being attacked and died. That is why, once you sleep in the bed means that you will reset your spawn point.

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You should know the requirement that you need to have a bed. There will be 3 oak wood planks, 3 white wool, 3 birch wood planks, , 3 acacia wood planks, 3 dark oak wood planks, 3 jungle wood planks, 3 spruce wood planks.

Perfect Steps to Make A bed

1. Open your crafting menu

How to make a Bed in Minecraft

You need to open your crafting menu to make sure if you can start creating something on the game. A crafting menu would have a size 3×3 crafting grid. You can place all of the required material inside of the grid.

2. Placing the item

How to make a Bed in Minecraft (Image)

Once you wanted to start crafting, you need to make sure if all of the material is located in the right place. For example, there must be 3 wool that you should put in the first row including 3 wood planks for the second row.

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To crafting bed, you will need this recipe to make sure if the bed is successful created. After you finish with all of the crafting process, you will find the bed appear in your box.

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3. Start to move it to your inventory

How to make a Bed in Minecraft (Image 1)

After you know how to make a bed in Minecraft means that you need to use the bed in the game.

However, before you start to use make sure if the bed is already moved into your inventory. Since inventory is a place where you can find a lot of things to use in your game.

4. Placing a bed

You can only sleep on your bed during the night. You can add the bed to your hotbar then start to selected the item.

The next step will be positioning the bed on the block that you want to place. In the other hand, you are required to have two blocks at least for placing the bed.

Try to wait until the block start highlighted in your game window. In the end, you can use your bed for sleeping tonight.

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Making sure if the bed would really appear on the block must be important. If you could not spot any bed on the blocks means there is something wrong happen to your game. Once you want to wake up you can try to click the leave bed button.

Creating a bed in your game would need to follow all of the instruction. Since you already know all of the requirement and materials that is needed.

Before you start to leave the game, you need to make sure if the bed does appear in the block that you already choose to start to use the bed.