How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

Lately, people tend to play games for enjoying their free time. Minecraft becomes one of the most favorite games which has thousands active players.

In Minecraft, you can freely make any items based on your preference. Torch becomes a favorite item which is crafted by most players. Getting curious of how to make a torch in Minecraft? Let’s get started!

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How to Make a Torch Minecraft

How to make a torch in Minecraft Using 3 Items Only

As making a new item in Minecraft, we surely need several items. A torch can be made with three stuff only. Make sure you have charcoal, stick, and coal in your inventory before crafting a new torch.

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Torch in Minecraft

However, you can pick one either using charcoal or coal. You no need to use both of these items to make a torch.

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If you have not got any of these items, make sure to craft it first. These can be crafted using log and wood.

Otherwise, if you lucky enough, these items can be easily found around you. Already got these items in your inventory? Now, let’s learn how to make a torch in Minecraft!

Three Easiest Ways to Make a Torch

1. Click the Crafting Menu

Make a Torch in Minecraft

Just like other items, the first thing that you need to do when it comes to crafting something is open the crafting menu.

Then, you will find a 3×3 grid table with one single table on the right side. Later, you need to fill the table with the required materials.

2. Move the Item into Crafting Grid

The next step of making a torch is adding the items into table. Since you only need either coal or charcoal, there will be two ways in creating torch.

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Recipe with Coal
Recipe with Coal
Recipe with Charcoal
Recipe with Charcoal

First, you can use stick and coal. Second, you can use one charcoal with one stick. Even it uses different items, both charcoal and coal will produce four torches all at once.

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As moving the items into table, make sure you place it in the correct pattern. Since there is a 3×3 grid, you need to start adding the item in the middle box.

First, you need to put one charcoal or coal, and then add one stick under it. This will create a coal or charcoal in the first row, and stick in the second row.

3. Put the Torch in the Inventory

How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

The correct pattern will create four torches at one time. It will appear in the result box, a single box on the right side.

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Once torches have been crafted, make sure to always put it in your inventory. Hence, you can easily find and use it anytime you want.

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Making a torch is actually an easy and simple thing, right? Anyone surely can do this by following those simple steps.

But, make sure to prepare the needed items first as creating torch. In Minecraft, a torch can be used for many things.

You can use it to craft other items such as Lantern, and Jack o’Lantern. Besides, it also can be very useful as you digging in the dark area.