How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

There is some skills that you need to have once you want to having fun in Minecraft. There is a lot of activity that you can do in Minecraft as long as you can find something new.

The use of fox as one of the animals in Minecraft can be one of the best things that can be interesting to have. You need to know how to tame a fox in Minecraft if you want to play with them.

What you Need to do?

Taming an animal in Minecraft would be interesting. Once you want to have a fox and start to tame your cute fox try to look for them inside the game.

You can try to find fox by visiting several areas where fox usually come. Make sure you have all of the required materials to tame a fox including their food.

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Where to Find a Fox?

Before you go further about the step, make sure if you can find a fox that you need. People said if a fox is one of the harder friends to find inside the game except to find a horse or dog.

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Taiga biomes is one of the locations where you can find a fox inside the game. First, you need to go to the place and start look for them.

They are often come with two or four as a group you can also choose the fox based on your preference. Every fox would have a chance for having a baby until 5 percent.

Everything depends on your choice to find specific foxes color. For the white fox you need to find it in the snowy area and the red one can be found in the normal Taiga.

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How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft: All you Need to Know

1. Tame with food

Most people who look for a fox inside the game would love to have a new baby fox. However, to create a baby, you need to make sure if you can find two fox and tame them first.

To tame a fox, you need to find their food including a sweet berry. You can give one berry to one fox and another one that you find.

Two of the fox would love to stay close since they were stay together when you gave them a food.

2. Let them to follow you

After you gave them food, most of the fox would not directly come and follow you. Convince them to follow and loyal to you is not easy because they tend to go together with another fox.

The step that you need to do is to get them away and separate them from the other foxes. After you separate them, try to make a lead for them to follow your step.

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You need to look after them to make sure of they would not go away.

3. Look for your foxes and breed

After you get some fox, you can be able to get a chance for having a baby fox. If you mixed the fox color, you can have a chance to gets new red or white fox. However, kept them to stay together is one of the essential parts to do.

Steps how to tame a fox in Minecraft is easy to do as long as you can find the foxes. However, once you have it, make sure if they do not go away once you make a step forward.

You can try to feed them to make sure if they can be friendly to you.