How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft

How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft – Even that the wolves are one of the aggressive animals in Minecraft does not means if you can have them.

There is a lot of people would love to have a wolf as their pet. Before you start to get them and find them in the game, you need to know their characteristics.

Including to make sure if you can be able to find them. Here is everything that you need to know about how to tame a wolf in Minecraft.

There is nothing hard to do in Minecraft if you can do all of the guidance. Taming them is one of the methods to make sure if you can have them and play with them. Without taming any wolf, you cannot also breed them and have a baby wolf.

How to find them and the Requirement

Tame a Wolf Minecraft

Most of the player get struggle to find the wolf in Minecraft. However, there is an easy way to do for having a wolf in specific place.

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The wolf often found in the Tiagra Biomes as one of the dark green grass with spruce trees. It is the area where you can find them.

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You need to look around inside of the biomes and start to get the wolf. If you need to have 2 wolfs means you need to tame one of them first.

The wolf often comes with groups in this biome almost with four wolves. After you find them, you can try to separate them from the group and start to tame. The taming process required you to have more than one bone to give to the wolf.

How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft: All You Need to Know

1. The bone and type of wolfs

Tame a Wolf in Minecraft

There will be two different wolf that you can find inside of the biome including a baby or adult wolf. You need to pick one of them and start to set the strategy to tame them.

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A bone on your hand should be given to the wolf by pressing the tame button on your controller. With this step the wolf will start to response because they are attracted to the bone on your hand.

2. The signs

How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft

More bones should be given to make sure if there will be heart starts appear with black smoke during the process. If the hearts doe appear means the taming process is already done.

Wolf in Minecraft

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The wolf will be in a sitting position and wearing a red collar as a sign if the breeding process was successful. In the other hand, an angry wolf cannot be tame and you need to be patient to wait.

3. Angry wolves sign.

How to Tame a Wolf Minecraft

Sometimes, the wolves also can angry to you if you do something wrong to them. It appears because a lot of reason and one of them is because you hit the wolves.

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The red eyes would come once the wolves get angry. They will try to kill you at the same time and you need to prepare to this moment. Be aware because they can run faster than you.

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Following all of the requirement about how to tame a wolf in Minecraft is easy to do. There is a simple step with specific method to do.

Before you start breeding, make sure if you already have all of the requirement in your hand. Sometimes, people cannot be patient to wait during the taming process.

It would take minutes until finally the wolfs can come to you and you can be the leader to them.