UF Accounting Major: Why You Should Join

UF Accounting Major – Accounting is among popular majors chosen by high school graduates. The major is considered promising for it offers brilliant career prospects in the future.

In the US, there are several universities offering accounting major including University of Florida. UF accounting major is specifically designed to prepare its students and make them desirable by the employers.

The four-year program offers strong foundation of accounting and business to the students. If you are interested in accounting major at the University of Florida, it is advised to find related information such as what the program offers, admission requirements, and so forth. Get to know more about UF’s accounting program before enrolling yourself.

What Is UF Accounting Major?

UF Accounting Major

The University of Florida offers a four-year degree program of Bachelor of Science in Accounting. This program focuses on preparing the students to succeed in accounting and business field by way of providing excellent foundation.

Business environment is undoubtedly evolving, forcing the students to be ready for a strict competition in a real world.

The student candidates may choose the program of Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSAc), Warrington College of Business, or Fisher School of Accounting.

Students who enroll in the Bachelor degree program are eligible to submit their applications for early admission. This eligibility allows them to graduate via school’s combined 3/2 program.

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Students who managed to complete the combined program deserve to join the Uniform Certified Public Accountant. Subsequently, they are allowed to practice as a CPA in the state.

Meanwhile, some students also enter the Fisher School of Accounting to limit their accounting studies at the universities.

Most of these students consider the BSAc degree is more suitable for post-graduate studies is the fields other than accounting. Or else, they plan to accomplish their studies at other institution.

However, UF institution cautions that a mere BSAc completion does not meet educational requirements to be a licensed CPA in the state.

The University of Florida also provides related accounting programs such as Combined Degree and Accounting Minor.

Combined Degree is a five-year program that allows undergraduate students to obtain bachelor’s and master’s degree, in a condition that they are qualified academically. The qualifications include competitive GRE and 3.2 GPA.

Accounting Minor is a program open to non-accounting students, providing a strong basis in managerial and financial accounting above the introductory level.


What Students Will Learn in the Major?

Accounting Major

To build an excellent foundation of business and accounting, the university prepares Academic Learning Compact.

The major also offers balanced study of accounting, helping the students to obtain requisite accounting skills. By this way, the students will be ready to compete in the real world.

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In addition, students will be prepared for a higher study in business, accounting, or related field such as law. In Accounting Major, students will learn:

1. Content

Students in Accounting Major will learn how to describe business disciplines along with their relationship to the global business.

They will also learn to prepare financial statements, identify basic tax law in the US and its application to business and individuals.

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Learning how to describe the basic concept of managerial accounting also becomes material to learn in the major.

2. Critical Thinking

Students in this major are required to think critically. The goal is to accustom and prepare the students as critical thinking is demanded when they are working in accounting field.

They will learn to apply mathematical concepts and technology as well as interpret and communicate quantitative data.

Students are also prepared to solve variety of accounting problems by way of learning conceptual network, economic reasoning, and accepted accounting principles.

They will also learn to prepare basic business and individual tax returns according to current tax laws in the US.

3. Communication

Communicative skills are also demanded in accounting field. Working as a public accountant means you will handle a longstanding list of clients.

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Therefore, an excellent communication skill will take a major contribution to your success. Here in UF, you will learn how to produce, interpret, as well as analyze written text, messages and presentations commonly used in the business.

4. Assessment Types

There are several types of assessment used by the institution to assess the competence and comprehension of its students.

The assessment types include tax cases, course assignments, simulations, exams, projects, speeches, and Business Field Test from The Educational Testing Service.

Admission Requirements for BSAc

UF Accounting Major

If you have decided to join Bachelor of Science of Accounting for bachelor’s degree, it is essential to get informed particularly for admission requirements. University of Florida has classified the students, in which the process to submit an application depends on the classification.

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There are four different ways to join undergraduate accounting program at the University of Florida. Make sure you know where you belong from the classification below:

High school students from other institutions

If you are a high school student or freshman transfers from other institution, apply directly to the Office of Admission of the University of Florida. You must have complied with all tracking criteria to be accepted.

Junior transfers from other institutions

The Fisher School of Accounting usually selects candidates by way of using applicant pool. Applications which meet the minimum standard are selected for admission. For this reason, candidates must pay careful attention to the minimum requirements.

UF Freshmen or Sophomores reclassifying their major

UF students who need to reclassify their major are required to meet the minimum standards such as meeting with academic advisor, not joining online programs, not admitted to other major after spring 2014 and completing no more than 60 credit hours. Students also must have overall 3.0 GPA or greater.

Aside from the requirements above, students candidate must also meet the computer requirement. All UF students should own a computer. For undergraduate accounting students, having a laptop computer is a must to take 3000-level accounting courses.

All in all, UF Accounting major is a right way to lead your path to a brilliant career in accounting field. Before enrolling yourself, make sure to get sufficient information related to admission requirements as well as what you are going to learn in the major.