How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft

If you are a Minecraft player, you will be familiar with smoker block for making your adventure more interesting.

As you know, Minecraft is awesome game that offers you an interesting adventure which the same as real life. You have to complete some challenges, and seek treatment to continue your adventure.

So, you must know make how to make a smoker in Minecraft for good treating your challenge!

The first of all you have to know smoker information for doing that game easily. Smoker is kind of block that can be used for cooking food items, and similar as furnace.

It can provide you the butcher’s job from site block. Smokers are better items than furnace due to the fast function.

You have smokers emit for 13 of level light, and can change your profession from villager to butcher.

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms to Make a Smoker

The Important Material in Making a Smoker

The Minecraft is a game for making something to useful thing. Here, you have to find the important material that a requirement for making a smoker.

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You have to complete your inventory with one furnace, four oak logs, four spruce logs, four birch logs, four jungle logs, four acacia logs, four dark oak logs, four stripped oak wood, four stripped spruce wood, four stripper birch wood.

Tips: you can use all of type of oak wood!

Smoker ImageSmoker

Several Steps of How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft

1. Opening Your Crafting Menu

Smoker in Minecraft

First of all you must open your crafting menu for making smoker in Minecraft. This crafting menu will provide table that have 3×3 grid that have to be filled. So, don’t forget to check your inventory before opening crafting menu.

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2. Adding Important Material

The second step is adding your important material that is completed by player. You have to make sure that your crafting table contain of 3×3 grid.

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So, you can add one furnace and four woods in empty grid. You can choose every kind of wood for making the process easily.

3. Making Right Pattern

Some players are forget for placing items with right pattern. It can make the process of making smoker will be not going well.

You have to place the furnace in the center of grid, and place the wood in up, bottom, right, and left of grid. Remember to place the item rightly, because it is a must. Don’t place the items in random way!

How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft

4. Move the New Items to Your Inventory

The new items that have been made is cannot directly used by you. You have to move it into your inventory. It is because you have to place your new items in everywhere regarding to needs. Don’t forget to complete the last step!

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Make a Smoker in Minecraft

That is all the information of how to make a smoker in Minecraft that can be followed easily by every player. Don’t forget to complete the steps rightly, because making a smoker cannot with random way.

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You can complete your important requirement with any wood, and don’t gather all of wood. Don’t forget to do the last step by placing your new items to the inventory. Good luck for your new advencture!