Sites, services and useful sources of knowledge for beginners on the World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has more than 10 years of project history and attracts a huge number of players who continue to register accounts and create characters.


Players will have to choose their faction for confrontation with the enemy, indicate their class, learn how to farm gold and experience, acquire suitable equipment and weapons, go to raids and dungeons and conduct PVP skirmishes.

To learn all the basic mechanics and become a really useful unit in the life of a server, you need to know and learn how to get into the game meta in order to be always in demand for other players.

Sites that will help a beginner to better adapt to World of Warcraft:

  • Skycoach
  • Wowhead
  • WoW Fandom



Skycoach is a service that provides services for players and allows gamers to connect with professional players for the ultimate gaming experience, gold purchases, raid carries, coaching and boosting in World of Warcraft.

Buying gold

Gold plays a crucial role in the world of Azeroth. For gold, as the main currency, the relationship between the players is provided, the purchase of weapons, armor, jewelry and materials related to professions and equipment.

You can purchase game gold from professional Skycoach players in any quantity with a guarantee of anonymity, disguising the transaction as a regular exchange between players and a refund in case of disputes.

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You choose a game class and race on your own, based on personal preferences and character traits, and turn to a professional Skycoach player for a training service. The trainer will contact you by voice communication and conduct training on character leveling, understanding the basics of farming experience and gold, behavior in PVP and, most importantly, a sense of the game meta. When you understand the level of development of the game and know your character well, you will always be a strong player, even if the developers cut the basic characteristics of the class.

Raid carry

Most of the best gear in World of Warcraft comes from mythic raids. These zones require a lot of players to win and don’t always end up winning when someone makes a critical mistake. Professional Skycoach players will take you with them to the group to ensure that you complete the raid with a victory and bring you all the experience and all the rewards from the dungeon.



Wowhead is a huge database of World of Warcraft guides, where you can find a guide to literally every game moment.

You can find a manual for each class to read the information and understand the stages of character development and how to do it most effectively.

You need to understand the quest system and be able to farm gold and professions so that the character develops not only quickly, but also efficiently.

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If you level too fast and ignore a lot of quests and professions, you will get to level 60 without good gear, and it will be much harder to find a group to raid and farm due to the uselessness of the class. Unless of course you are not a support.

Deep and thoughtful farming will greatly delay your development, but will allow you to approach this process in a balanced way. You can level for several months, but get to level 60-70 with the best legendary set, a high-demand profession and a large supply of materials.

To master the system of professions and adapt it to your class – that is, to combine the character and profession according to the greatest similarity. For example, playing as a tank you need blacksmithing to create weapons and equipment, but if you take a blacksmithing and mining profession to extract materials, you can create equipment for other players and earn a lot of gold.

New tools for each profession are implemented so that each artisan can create only part of the equipment for himself. That is, you are guaranteed to receive profit and profession points due to the demand for tools by representatives of other professions.

Wowpedia Magic

Wow Fandom

Fandom is a large base of theoretical knowledge on World of Warcraft and other major MMO games.

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Fandom can be compared to Wikipedia because it contains a lot of information for different groups of players.

If you need to know about a particular quest, its prospects, difficulty and duration, then enter its name on the Fandom.

You will learn the name of the NPC, other tasks that can be taken there, quest chains if any, read about the potential reward and find out the approximate time to complete.

If you like to study details and treat WoW as a source of knowledge and want to know as much as possible about its vast world, then there will be many articles on Fandom with the stories of many NPCs, their roles in the world hierarchy and the reasons why they occupy this particular position at the specified location.

Read about items before ordering – the developers have added the ability to contact artisans to create items through a special Dragonflight update interface. Read about tools and items and decide for yourself whether it is worth spending your time and gold on them.