How to Make Obsidian in Minecraft

How to Make Obsidian in Minecraft – The game of Minecraft provides you a real life that have to be faced by players. In this game you will find conflicts that players can find in the real world, one of them is about natural phenomena. You must know how to make obsidian in Minecraft for new adventure.

The Minecraft has an interesting thing to solve, this game will feature bursts of lava that can be solved by obsidian farming.

Obsidian Farming in the game Minecraft aims to produce a large amount of sediment. Obsidian must go through several stages of manufacturing process because this object can only be produced from the actions of the player.

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms to Make Obsidian

Require Material of How to Make Obsidian in Minecraft

Requirement Material Obsidian in Minecraft

Pouring water to the place of lava is the simplest method that can be applied by player. However, pouring water into the lava requires material requirements to be completed.

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You must have a bucket of water in your inventory. You can find the water in a place that can be easily reached

Making Obsidian in Minecraft

1. Finding Place of Lava

Obsidian in Minecraft

You can’t find places affected by lava. You must activate survival mode first to find the lava. In Minecraft, lava will be interpreted as orange and can spread if not resolved immediately. Then, you must find lava as soon as possible!

2. Using the Water on Lava

Make Obsidian in Minecraft

The second step is find the bucket water in hotbar, then you have to pour it onto the place of lava. There will be several different ways according to the platform you are using.

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If you are using a mac or pc, you can right-click on the part of the block affected by lava. Furthermore, in pocket edition users, you can directly tap on the lava section.

3. Keep the Water Back to the Bucket

How to Make Obsidian in Minecraft

After using water to the lava, the game will show you the water changes lava into obsidian. It will be depending on how huge the place of lava is, because not all of lava can change into obsidian.

You have to put the water back to the bucket after seeing that explanation in Minecraft game. This step also have several step regarding to the platform that is used.

4. Put Your Diamond Pickaxe

The next step is you have to hold diamond pickaxe due to the important requirement. You will need diamond pickaxe, so you have to select that thing from your hotbar.

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Then, congratulation! You will hold that diamond in your own hand.

5. Take and Receive Obsidian


How to have obsidian will also depend on what platform you are using. The point is if you find a broken block, you have to mine obsidian until it becomes a small hole.

This will cause obsidian stones to come out into the soil surface. Then, you have to recheck that the obsidian is disappearing. So, you can put it, and the obsidian will be on your hotbar.

Here is all the explanation of how to make obsidian in Minecraft game. The first thing to do is you have to find lava in advance for making obsidian.

Obsidian will appear after the lava gone. Don’t forget to take a bucket of water. Good luck!