How to Make a Painting in Minecraft

When playing Minecraft, there are various items players excited to make. One of the most exciting items is paintings. Those items are commonly used for decoration and also hold in the secret rooms in the Minecraft.

However, making that item looks very simple as well as you know how make it. So, we provide you tutorial about how to make a painting in Minecraft so you can follow guidance to make your own.

Supported Platfomrs

Supported Platforms Make a Painting

Materials Required in Making a Painting in Minecraft

Requirement Material to Make a Painting

Before going to the process of making a painting in Minecraft, it’s essential to consider the materials required.

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These are the common materials all the players need to prepare. These materials furthermore will be useful to be used in making a painting in Minecraft.

  • 8 sticks
  • 1 white wool

How to Make a Painting in Minecraft with Survival Mode

Painting is one of important items in the game of Minecraft. This item is really important to enhance decoration in your inventory.

Further, the painting can also add style to your home. But mostly players have no idea how to make this kind of stuff.

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So, here we show you step-by-step instructions in making the painting in Minecraft. Try to follow any instruction directly to find the perfect item you need below.

1. Open the Crafting Menu

Painting in Minecraft

Begin the process with opening the crafting menu. This is the first step any players need to do. There, players will find the 3×3 crafting grid. The 3×3 crafting grid that is very useful to complete the whole steps.

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2. Add Items to make a Painting

How to Make a Painting in Minecraft

Opening the crafting menu will bring you a 3×3 crafting grid. In process of making a painting, try to put 8 sticks and 2 wools on the 3×3 crafting grid.

Ensure to put the sticks and wool on the exact pattern location. Continue with put 3 sticks on the first row.

The next step, you need to put 1 stick in the first box, wool in the second box, and a stick on the third box. Make sure to put all those stuffs on the second row.

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On the third row, you need to put 3 sticks. Those steps are the crafting recipe of a painting in the Minecraft.

After following those whole instructions, now the painting item you wanted will appear on the box. Make sure you have filled the crafting area with correct pattern.

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3. Move the Painting to Inventory

Move the Painting to Inventory

After getting the painting by following the whole tutorials up above, now you need to move the new items you’ve just got into your inventory. Your item that has just made can also be used to make other items in Minecraft.

Owning a painting will be such an interesting moment you can only feel while playing Minecraft. But the problem will come across sometimes when players have no idea how to make it.

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So, try to follow the tutorial we explained above about how to make a painting in Minecraft in easier and faster way.