7 Minecraft Mods You Should Definitely Try Out

Minecraft is a game that lets you create just about anything (click here for Free Minecraft banners). Today, perhaps it is the most popular game on the internet.

Seeing back when Minecraft was first launched, it has certainly changed leaps and bounds, bringing in new features. But, for some, this is not enough. They want even more features that help them play games effectively.

Minecraft Lake

Well, if you are one of the players who wish the same, you are certainly at the right place. Below we have discussed the top Minecraft game mods that are easy enough to install.

Top Minecraft Mods You Should Definitely Try Out

Minecraft is perhaps the most moddable game ever conceived. The modding community of Minecraft games has created and shared tons of life mods that have made the game more interesting.

The number of mods is quite staggering, and more are released every day. The Quality of the Mod will depend on what the player is looking for.

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If you are new to the modding community, take a look at the primer subject. Be sure to download WinRAR to unzip every mod in the game. If you don’t have WinRAR, you can download it from The Pirate Bay.

Minecraft Player

Now that you have the right to unzip mods in the game let’s dive into the mods that you can try out to enhance the experience of the game.

Tool Stats

Minecraft has many tools that help you create and develop almost anything in the game. But knowing more about them will not hurt you in any way. This is where the tool stats mod comes into the frame.

Tool stats is a straightforward mod that displays all the information related to the tool. This includes tool damage, mining efficiency, durability, and enchantability.

All the information about tools helps players make better decisions about their tool usage and distinguish the effectiveness between the tools while playing.

Corail Tombstone

Dying can be a pain in Minecraft. Sometimes, players have to travel a long distance to retrieve their items. The distance is so much that there have been cases of players dying before coming back to their development site.

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Minecraft Island

Thanks to the Coral Tombstone mod, a grave will appear where the players die. The players then come back to the place and retrieve all their items. One of the cool features of the Coral Tombstone is the decorated Tombstone that can be haunted by souls.


Experience Orb in Minecraft can be scattered around the game in a large area. Players who are not using a high-end gaming system might find it hard to see them.

With Clumps mods, the orbs are condensed into singular entities. This helps you collect the orbs effectively and reduce the problem of FPS drop.

Players who are using impressive hardware might not need this mod, but having them will certainly help improve your gaming experience.


This mod is more of a simulation than anything else. It also includes the various plants that are used to make wine and whisky, as well as the side effects of overindulging.

Minecraft Tower

Using this mod, you will find how much attention this game has given to brewing boozes. From hop, year, wine, and barrel, you get everything for the distillation process.

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The attention to detail also expands to the point you can experience the side effects of booze when you over-indulge yourself.


While there are many mods that could have made it to the list, we have stuck with the mods we prefer. With thousands of mods out there, it is impossible to create a list of favorites. Everyone will have their priorities and will have different mods on the list.

So, we would like you to take this list of top mods as a suggestion and enjoy what they can do in the game. If there are any mods you are interested in sharing, feel free to do so. We can assure you that the readers will find them helpful.