Esports Betting As Part Of The Future of Gambling

The future of gambling is set to evolve significantly in the coming years, as technology continues to develop and existing trends gain traction. One such trend that appears to be gaining steam is Esports betting.

Esports stands for electronic sports, and it’s a term used to describe competitive video gaming. It has become hugely popular over the last few years, and players of all skill levels are taking part in tournaments around the world. It’s estimated that the Esports industry is already worth close to $1 billion.

As with any sport, betting on Esports has become an attractive prospect for many gamblers. The global market for Esports bets is projected to reach $30 billion by 2020, and the number of people betting on Esports is also expected to grow significantly. Here’s why:


Esports has become extremely popular in recent years, with a variety of media outlets covering it and many best esports betting sites taking place, it is easy to get started on esports betting. Thousands of people now tune in to twitch streams, watch ESPN broadcasts and view other media coverage on any given competition day. This explosive growth in viewership has also simultaneously drawn immense attention from the betting industry as well. Esports betting sites are popping up all across the web, offering new ways for fans to engage and put their money on the line just like traditional sports bets.


Esports gambling is an ever-growing industry and the technology required to support it is becoming increasingly advanced. Bookmakers are now able to offer more betting options, meaning bettors have a greater variety of choices to consider. Furthermore, the information that’s provided to those placing bets is becoming vastly more comprehensive, allowing them to make smarter decisions when wagering their money. This combination of factors has led many new punters to turn towards Esports as an increasingly viable form of gambling in today’s world.

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The gaming industry has truly embraced Esports, creating a space for players to compete without the feeling of being excluded. Not only does this open up the world of competitive gaming to traditional gamers, but it also introduces those who may not typically partake in classic sports gambling on the opportunities now available through Esports. With more and more people embracing this modern form of leisure entertainment combined with watching product streams, gaming streams and professional sporting events, it is easy to see why the demand for inclusivity within Esports is growing so rapidly.


The gambling industry is rapidly shifting towards greater flexibility, which is advantageous for Esports bettors in particular. With the rise of mobile-friendly betting options, and adding cryptocurrency to the mix, this adds an increased level of convenience and quickness when it comes to wagering and collecting winnings. With a wider variety of access points with today’s technological advances, audiences now have an easier way to stay engaged while continuing to participate in their favorite form of recreation wherever they are.

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Low Risk


Esports betting carries with it significantly less risk than other forms of gambling, which makes it attractive to casual gamblers and those starting out. While traditional sports betting may require more funds or deeper knowledge to be successful, Esports betting is accessible to everyone due to its low-risk nature and relative affordability. People without large budgets can get into the game just as easily as those with deep pockets, making it an excellent entry point for beginners who are interested in exploring the world of wagering.


Regulation is becoming a major factor in Esports gambling, just as it has for other forms of gambling, providing a secure and fair environment for everyone involved. It keeps the industry safe from criminal activity and ensures that bettors receive their winnings in a timely manner. Just as importantly, it allows bettors to trust that they are playing on a level field when placing bets on Esports matches and encourages more people to join in the fun. With regulation continuing to improve in the upcoming years, Esports betting is sure to become even more popular.

Big Payouts

Image of money

All around the world, Esports betting is slowly becoming a larger and more prominent industry. Big payouts are a draw for many involved in betting on competitive video gaming tournaments. More people are investing their money which not only shows confidence in the industry but also increases the prize pools available – meaning there’s more potential for bettors to make a tidy profit from their wagers. Whilst the top players might take home millions of dollars from each tournament, there is still potential for anyone who has done their research to come out with a well deserved reward when placing bets on players or teams.

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Wide Variation of Tournaments

The wide array of different games and genres provides Esports bettors with a variety to choose from, no matter the preference. Whether it be basketball, fighting games or even real-time strategy, these titles are available for punters to pick their favorite team or players in order to make the most of their bets. This large selection ensures that there’s something for everyone and that the industry can continue to grow with more bettors getting involved.


The future of Esports betting looks bright as technology, accessibility and audience continue to improve and grow. With the potential for billions to be made in gambling on Esports matches, this could soon become a major part of the overall gambling industry.  It’s an exciting prospect for both traditional and Esports gamblers, and one that could lead to bigger things down the line.  It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on!