Samsung ML-2150 Driver Download

Samsung ML-2150 driver and printer is one of Samsung’s recommended printers for you. You can use this printer to print documents, cardstock, stockers, labels, eceipt, and various other printing needs. Read more about this tool here.

Features of Samsung ML-2150 Printer

The Samsung ML-2150 printer is a printer that has been specifically designed to be able to serve various printing needs in large-scale offices.

This printer can be used to print various documents in large quantities and also quickly. So that activities in the office become smoother and more efficient.

This printer has a cube shape, and is equipped with laser at work printing technology. On the body, you can see that there is a big slot for document input and output, making it easier for you to use it.

In addition, there are also features in the form of a toner save mode.

At the top there is also a small LCD display and also several setting buttons to regulate various things regarding the printing process.

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Apart from the buttons and LCD provided, you can also manage and monitor the printing process through the Samsung ML-2150 driver which is directly connected to the printer.

Specifications Samsung ML-2150

Although it seems simple, this tool has various interesting specifications that make this tool the target of many people.

The following are some general specifications of this tool and also a brief explanation of these specifications:

Media Specification

The Samsung ML-2150 driver and printer can be used to print on cardstock, labels, glossy paper, transparent paper, HVS paper, matte paper, envelopes, thin cartons, and many other media with more or less similar characteristics.

For the size, this printer can only be used to print paper with maximum size A4. You can adjust the printer to print in smaller sized paper, but not bigger.

Print Out Specification

The print out is in black and white, with a resolution of 1200×1300 dpi. Because it can only be used to print in black and white ink, this printer is suitable for office needs that often print documents, labels, or receipts.

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With this high resolution, the print outs are clear and of high quality. The resulting text or image is also written on paper neatly and precisely so that the print out came out good.

Input and Output Capacity

From the front view, it can be seen that this tool has a large slot for input and output media that will be used for printing.

For media input itself, the Samsung ML-2150 can accommodate 600 pages with standard sizes and thicknesses.

As for the output slot, this printer is equipped with a slot that can be opened and closed with a capacity of up to 350 pages of standard thickness paper.

This large capacity will make it easier for you to print on a large scale so you don’t have to go back and forth to load paper or take print outs.

The thinner the paper used, the more that can be stored. You can pre-set the paper thickness and size in the Samsung ML-2150 driver.

Print Speed

The Samsung ML-250 printer can produce 20 pages print out per minute with optimal print out specifications. With this fast printing speed, you can complete your various tasks more quickly.

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This printing speed also of course depends on the specifications of the printout you want to produce. The more complex the images or the more text you want to print, the longer it will take.

The Samsung ML-2150 driver and printer is one of the best choices if you are looking for an office printer that can complete printing quickly and with high quality.

Although this tool is a desktop printer, its specifications can compete with standing printers that are usually located in offices.

Samsung ML-2150 for Windows

Compatible Operating System:

Windows 10 (32 bit / 64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32 bit / 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit / 64 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit / 64 bit), Windows Vista, Windows XP

Samsung ML-2150 for MacOS

Compatible Operating System:

MacOS 10.14, MacOS 10.13, MacOS 10.12, MacOS 10.11, MacOS 10.10, MacOS 10.9, MacOS 10.8, MacOS 10.7, MacOS 10.6

Samsung ML-2150 Manual Download